What sets ATEX Radios apart from other Two-Way Radios?


ATEX radios are Intrinsically Safe, which means each one has to go through rigorous tests and meet very specific requirements. Every component of the radio is designed with safety in mind.

Intrinsically Safe radios are mostly used in industries like mining, waste management, construction and petrochemical operations because they can withstand exposure to hazardous materials and are safe to use in explosive atmospheres. They operate at a lower output than most two-way radios to reduce the heat the radio produces and eliminate the risk of causing a spark.

They are dustproof and waterproof to IP67 standard (submersible for up to 30 minutes in one metre of water) in order to stand up to the challenges that working in tough conditions and around potentially dangerous materials can present. They can also withstand temperatures of up to 135°C.

ATEX radios are commonly used in loud environments with lots of background noise, which can greatly hinder communication. To combat this, many are equipped with intelligent audio, which monitors background noise levels and adjusts the speaker volume accordingly.

A lot of Intrinsically Safe radios come with other added safety features like lone worker, man down and GPS tracking capabilities.

The Motorola DP4000 EX series radios meet the requirements of SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regulation 10.10.4 for fire-fighters radios carried on board ships.


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