It’s time to get your business network fit for purpose


2CL Communications and FreshWave have partnered together to offer enhanced digital network performance through a range of infrastructure solutions, so you can benefit from dependable communications and a reliable connection with your wireless broadband devices.

FreshWave provides network infrastructure for the connectivity of digital communications using masts in buildings where high-capacity networks are needed, enabling smart cities, mobile signals inside buildings, and wireless connections wherever you live, work and play.

4G and MPN (Mobile Private Networks) will enable more of our customers to fully utilise the 2CL portfolio of products. The new partnership will enhance the performance of 4G and WIFI for your digital devices, to better connect your employees.


Stay connected

You often find that buildings are mobile signal dead zones, but by using FreshWave solutions you can enhance connectivity for everyone in your building, including large commercial buildings and stadiums.

Using FreshWave masts, small cells, picocells, distributed antenna system or 5G ready fibre means you will never lose connection. Communication is vital for public safety and personnel management, and FreshWave technology goes hand in hand with 2CL products and services, supporting your operation 24/7 with unbroken network performance.


Unbroken digital networks


How poor network performance affects your business

If you are using a network that has poor connectivity, there are many ways this could be damaging to many organisations.

Periods of downtime can cause major issues with communication and depending on the nature of your business, you can lose sales and revenue, reduce customer satisfaction, put people’s safety at risk and cause operational delays.

Thanks to 2CL’s partnership with FreshWave, we can improve your network infrastructure with access to 4G and readiness for 5G technology. A stronger network infrastructure allows employees to work with no disturbances or distractions.


Benefits include:

Faster speeds – for quick and seamless connectivity for any organisation.
Lower latency – with 5G technology you’ll notice lower latency which means there’ll be less delay or lag when using phones or other devices.
Greater capacity – means networks will be able to cope better with many high-demand applications all at once.
Reliability – users experience no dropped calls or connectivity, safeguarding communication in critical use cases.
Better Connection in any environment, from offices and warehouses to sports venues and retail parks.

FreshWave in-building or wireless small cells can be used in a wide range of environments to increase capacity with better and clearer connectivity, keeping your teams connected wherever they are.


How FreshWave is ensuring businesses are connected now, and in the future

FreshWave is leading the way with digital connectivity, and are currently installing 4G small cells and DAS systems right across the UK, which can be upgraded to 5G technology. They are enabling smarter cities, and boosting mobile signal and wireless performance wherever you live, work and play.

Together, 2CL Communications and FreshWave are working collaboratively to provide a better connection for your business. If you want to find out more about how this partnership can benefit your business, please contact us by calling one of the team, who will be able to help on 0800 389 2278, or contact us now to find out more.

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