Why more Schools should be using Two-Way Radios

Students’ safety is of course a top priority for any school, college or university. Two-way radios are by far the smartest way to keep your students safe, but they can also make everyday communication easier. Here are just a few benefits of using two-way radios in schools. Click here to read our sectors page for schools.

Reach multiple people in seconds – Whether you need to reach all staff, a small group of people or just one other person, it can all be done at the press of a button using a two-way radio.

Secure communication – Many two-way radios offer digital encryption, to ensure that any information communicated through your radio that is sensitive or confidential can stay that way.

Communicate remotely – In a school, college or university, where people are often away from their desks, there are very few methods of communication that are as convenient or reliable as a two-way radio. The next best thing would be giving your staff mobile phones, but it’s hard to enforce a no phones policy for students when staff are regularly seen using them.

Reliable connection – Mobile phone signal can often be unreliable, and if a power cut occurs, you experience extreme weather conditions, or the internet goes down, remote communication becomes difficult. A two-way radio will be unaffected by all of these things, so even as a last resort for emergency communication, two-way radios are useful to have in place.

Two-way radios come in all shapes and sizes – There are many lightweight and discreet options, making them convenient to keep with you at all times on a day-to-day basis.

Good in an emergency – Two-way radios are the most reliable way to stay connected in an emergency where you have to evacuate the premises. Many schools and places of work opt to have a set of radios that are a part of their evacuation plan, purely for use in an evacuation or lockdown.

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