When hiring or buying specialist two-way radio systems – it’s important to be assured that you will receive an aftercare strategy for your two-way radio that you can rely upon to deliver results, should you need it.

This post will outline the ways in which 2CL Communications provide services and support before, during and after the process of either hiring or buying a two-way radio system.

What are Two-Way Radio Systems?

A two-way radio is characterised by its functionality of end to end communication, using a high quality, feature-rich radio for professional use on large sites such as events, hospitals and security – where reliable communication is essential and often life-saving.

There are many different types of two-way radios, built for the environments required which can be both on and offshore. These can be for marine operations, underground for mining practices, or durable for other hazardous areas.

As oppose to ‘walkie talkies’, two-way radios have a tougher build quality and also have an IP rating to match, making them the preferred choice for professional use.

Two-Way Radios: Analogue or Digital?

Two-way radios generally come either analogue or digital. Analogue the more traditional, simple mechanism – whereas digital permits the user to hear clearer and enables multiple conversations on a frequency.

Analogue radios will also require hardware transmitters and receivers, which can be installed by your provider, whereas digital radios work by transmitting sounds into binary numbers 1-10, among other benefits such as GPS, data tracking, multiple conversations, texting and emergency alarms.

Generally, the choice of which of these to go for will depend upon your requirements, and this will be discussed with you during the hiring or purchasing process.

Bespoke Two-Way Radio Systems from 2CL Communications  

Having established you will be needing to hire or purchase two-way radios for your event or workplace, the next matter to decide is where you should trust to hire the equipment you need at the standard and functionality required.

Naturally, everybody desires the best service for a reasonable price, leaving the decision up to the credibility and service offered by the company in question.

At 2CL, we are the first UK mobile radio communications company to receive BS5750 accreditation for our quality of service, and also ISO 9001:2015 for company operations. We have always sought to achieve the best possible service to our customers, through our team of experienced engineers, installers and customer service team.

Whether you may be buying a two-way radio, or hiring some for temporary usage, at 2CL we offer a range of support, including minor radio repairs to 24-hour engineering cover in our packages, which are bespoke designed for each of our customers in terms of operation and budget.

To give you an idea of the kind of support we can offer, here are a few different types of packages:

Extended Warranty

An extended warranty support package for guarantees that your two-way radio will stay at the highest operational standard for the duration of the cover period, which can be 2, 3 or 5 years – with costs starting at a mere £10 per radio.

The costs of labour and parts to do with general wear and tear are covered for the first year, a considerable saving, as a repair charge usually costs around £60.

These are manufacturer warranties – normally offered by brands to purchase, such as Motorola’s ‘Service from the start’ and Hytera’s ‘Hycare’, which are comprehensive and offer replacement radios even for accidental damage.

Maintenance Agreements

We understand that ideally, your two-way radio systems would experience no downtime, or minimal if any – due to the loss in earnings and safety implications. Our experienced engineers are on hand to solve any problems you may be having, however, our additional maintenance contract will entitle you to a premium service, including perks such as reduced waiting times, temporary infrastructure replacement, fast portable turnaround time and 24/7 cover.

These can be tailored for your individual products, which may require equipment to be looked at on-site, or transported to our service centre. We will work with you identify persistent errors, and fix these to avoid future component failure.

Field Service Support

Our team of qualified service engineers are professionally equipped and skilled in responding and repairing a multitude of faults. In addition to this, all our staff are trained to the status of ‘Platinum Elite Specialist Value Added Resellers’ – a qualification from Motorola. Overall, having these service at just a phone call away will guarantee your peace of mind, knowing any radio downtime will be quickly dealt with.

Repair Tracking

Any repairs on your equipment will be recorded and tracked, meaning should you have any further queries on the status of your repair either during or after – these will be quickly and efficiently received. All repairs are completed upon your confirmation of costings and quotation approval, and afterwards, all fixed radios are tested in our BSI ISO 9001 accredited workshop – before being safely returned to you by a fast courier service.

Remote Monitoring

Being able to remotely monitor your digital radio presents opportunity and flexibility in your workplace – as it enables us to check your systems and solve any problems whilst off-site. Our bespoke diagnostic techniques are exclusive to our customers, positioning our systems as progressive and unlikely to experience long periods of downtime.

In addition to this, we can assist with requests such as changes to system infrastructure and individual radio programming, such as creating new user groups or updating contact lists.

These developments in our service have revolutionised the radio industry, as what previously was an arduous task in collecting and manually updating handsets can now be performed in just a few short clicks.

Two-Way Radio Support from 2CL Communications

If you would like to hire or purchase two-way radio solutions for your business, we have written an informative post on what to consider before you make your decision, here.

For more information about how our exclusive, bespoke support solutions can ensure your radios are performing to their capabilities – you can get in contact be calling 0800 389 2278 or emailing contact@2cl.co.uk.

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