The Dangers of Buying Unauthorised Two-Way Radios

Although unauthorised two-way radios and accessories (also known as grey radios/accessories) may look identical to the real ones, there is a huge difference in quality and using them could compromise you and your workers’ safety. They are often made with inferior quality components, and counterfeit products aren’t put through the same product testing and quality control as their real counterparts are. These products put users in danger of exploding batteries, overheating radios or repeaters, and short-circuiting accessories that would cause severe burns or result in a workplace fire.

Unauthorised importers tamper with the radio’s serial number, unique to each radio product, compromising your ability to know if your two-way radio is genuine. If the serial number has been tampered with, the radio’s warranty is void as it cannot be identified as genuine.

Buying grey radios also means service, repairs and warranties are not locally supported and you will have to make warranty claims from the device’s country of origin at your own expense. You also do not have guarantee that the individuals who configured your radios have current certification and training in the proper use, service and maintenance of that brand’s radios.

If you purchase grey radios you will not have access to additional applications, limiting your radios capabilities. Apps can improve your business’ productivity, increase the safety of your employees and allow you to get the most out of your radio.

How can you avoid these dangers?

Only ever buy your radio equipment from an approved partner of the brand. Motorola and Hytera both have partner locators on their website so you can check if a company is an authorised reseller before buying.

Consider the price. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is, and the radio equipment may not be genuine. The initial monetary savings may be tempting, but giving your employees faulty, unauthorised radios that could put them in danger just isn’t worth the risk.

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