I understand that the product(s) detailed on the demo form are the property of 2CL and that they are supplied to me for hire/evaluation purposes only. If they are not returned in the condition that they were received, then I agree that I shall be liable to pay compensation up to the relevant price of the product(s) or accessory. I agree that if I choose to keep the evaluation product(s) I will pay for the value of the product(s) supplied.

I will arrange to send the product(s) back on the agreed date. In any event, I agree to pay immediately the value of the product(s) supplied if the product(s) has not been returned within seven days of the original agreed return date. I agree that if I fail to return the product(s) after 7 days, I will pay the standard hire rate of £200 plus VAT, per day, for every additional day that I have the product until it has been returned.

I agree to return the product(s) complete in every respect including, but not restricted to product, packaging, manuals, cables, and accessories. With due consideration to the status of the product(s) at despatch, I agree that I will accept a charge from 2CL for the reasonable cost of repair or replacement to bring the product(s) to a similar condition to that at the time of despatch of the hire/evaluation from 2CL. In addition, I also agree to pay £20 plus VAT for every accessory that is missing upon return.

I agree that I will pay all relevant charges described in this document within thirty days of the date of invoice by 2CL.

I understand that 2CL’s Sale Terms and Conditions apply in all respects, especially Conditions 2 (risk), 2 (title), and 2 (delivery).