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Two-Way Radio System Maintenance and Support

As the first UK mobile radio communications company to receive BS5750 accreditation for quality of service and now ISO 9001:2015 accredited for all company operations, 2CL has always sought to attain the highest levels of service and quality for our customers.

Our service department consists of experienced and qualified engineers, installers and customer service officers whose aim is to provide a fast and professional service. From casual two-way radio repairs to full systems maintenance with 24-hour engineering cover, our service support packages can be tailored to suit your operation and budget.

Two-Way Radio Maintenance and Support Packages

Extended Radio Warranty

An extended warranty is a cost-effective way to ensure your radios are kept to the highest operational standard at a fixed price.

Options are available for 2, 3 and 5 years cover and start from as little as £10 a radio, per year. The cover provides parts and labour for normal wear and tear faults with batteries covered for the first 12 months. When you consider an average repair charge could be £50-£70, the warranty value is obvious.

These warranties are normally offered by the manufacturer – Motorola use ‘Service from the Start’ and Hytera uses ‘Hycare’ – and certain levels will even include a brand new radio as a replacement even if the radio is severely damaged, for example, if run over by a vehicle. One customer returned a radio which had been submerged in oil for a week – obviously, it didn’t work, but as they had purchased Motorola Service from the Start Comprehensive cover for their digital two-way radios, their faulty radio was replaced free of charge.

Maintenance Agreements

For many of our customers, radio system downtime can lead to loss of earnings and even a safety-critical lack of communications. At 2CL we are proud to be in a position to call upon a vastly experienced engineering resource, who can be on hand to support customers via telephone or attend the site if necessary. Including a 2CL Maintenance Contract in your radio system budget will entitle you to preferential treatment, including enhanced response times, temporary replacement of infrastructure, improved portable turnaround time and 24/7 cover.

Maintenance contracts provide tailored services for your communications products. Maintenance of equipment can be carried out on-site, or at our service centre with associated ‘out of hours’ cover for critical systems. Agreements including ‘repair or replacement of batteries’ and ‘radios with accidental damage’ can also be provided, giving a truly fixed cost service over a period of time. We can also look to include periodic preventative maintenance inspections, to try and look for trends which could indicate a component failure.

Field Service Support

We employ a team of field service engineers who are fully equipped, technically skilled, and able to deal with the majority of faults whilst on-site. 2CL staff have been sufficiently trained by Motorola to have obtained status as Platinum Elite Specialist Value Added Resellers, due to the successful completion of technical professional level training courses. Their professional approach and abilities, combined with experience on-site dealing with faults, will ultimately result in a fantastic level of service, and reduced two-way radio system downtime, leaving you confident that 2CL will do all that we can to get your system fully functional with as little disruption to your business as possible.

We can offer a system assurance visit as and when required, should you feel your radio system may not be functioning quite as well as it used to. 2CL engineers can attend your site and carry out system tests to ensure that your system is operating within its manufactured specification levels. Our engineers are then on hand to advise of any possible remedial action that may be required.

Repair Tracking

Your two-way radio repairs are tracked from the moment we receive them, to the moment you sign to accept delivery of a returned radio. Should you have any questions as to the situation with your two-way radio repairs, our 2CL service administration staff are on hand to talk to you and inform you of the current status of your repair.

For each radio returned for investigation, you will receive a full quotation estimate for the repair works, prior to commencing any two-way radio repairs, giving you the option to repair the radio. All radios are thoroughly tested in our BSI ISO 9001 accredited workshop, and delivered via track and sign courier back to your site.

Remote Monitoring

With the progression in digital radios and advancements in radio systems’ use of IP Networking, there may be the opportunity to remotely monitor and control your radio system. Giving 2CL staff remote access to your system can mean that your system is operational in the time it takes to make a phone call. We can remotely dial in and, using state-of-the-art monitoring software, conduct system checks almost immediately. Although function is limited, 2CL has developed several diagnostic techniques using the software available to us, which can aid in the timely resolution of system faults.

Some manufacturers have added the ability to remotely monitor each individual radio’s battery life and can inform the system administrator, or 2CL when batteries are due to be changed. Gosport Borough Council’s Radio system is equipped for secure remote access, and this has been used to carry out remote programming changes, and system diagnosis as a result of system failures.

Speak to us about over-the-air programming, and we will work with you to make sure that your radio fleet is always current and working to its full potential.

Returning A Two-Way Radio for Repair?

Send the faulty equipment to us at Unit C, Woodside Trade Centre, Parham Drive, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 4NU, marked for the attention of the Service Department, along with this completed form. We will contact you with a cost estimate before going ahead with any repairs. 

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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