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Public Warning and COMAH Alarms

The most effective way of alerting vast amounts of people to potential accident hazards is with the use of mass notification systems, which have been purposefully designed to provide operators the capability to inform thousands of people, all at the push of a single button.

These systems have been effectively utilised on sites such as Petrochemical plants and water treatment centres. With 2CL’s knowledge of two-way radio and our partnership with Whelen, we are capable of providing a COMAH mass notification and public warning system, which can be linked to your existing radio system to ensure your compliance with COMAH guidelines.

Whelen Mass Notification Systems

Working with Whelen’s UK distributor, we are one of the UK’s leading installers of Whelen Mass Notification systems. These are the large loudspeaker systems used in Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) alarms where there is a requirement to notify a large area of a hazardous situation.

2CL has installed and maintains a number of emergency notification systems across the UK, predominantly for the Petrochemical and manufacturing industries. The Whelen alarms that we offer are reliable, tried and tested solutions that are used worldwide. Customers also benefit from our experience as one of Motorola’s leading two-way radio distributors. Two-way radios are a very popular and beneficial aspect of these systems; they are often used to activate the emergency alarm systems when the use of a line connection is difficult or expensive.

Public Warning and COMAH Radio Service

  • Once the Health and Safety executive has defined the Public Information Zone (PIZ), we can specify the correct speaker system to provide the required coverage
  • We can advise on the mounting of the speakers
  • We have a specialist team to carry out the emergency notification system installation and erect the speakers
  • System maintenance is provided with site visits as required and live testing


Whelen Mass Notification System Product Range

The most effective method of alerting the public is with an audible tone, followed by a voice notification offering instructions. Whelen’s product range can be supplied with a centralised controller unit, which can be linked to speaker systems via two-way radio. These controllers can have pre-programmed voice messages, or can be supplied with a desktop microphone for real-time voice announcements. With a wide range of speaker systems available, including Omni-directional to rotating hooters and fixed directional speakers, you can be assured that 2CL will be able to provide a solution built to notify everyone within your defined Public Information Zone.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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