Two-Way Radio Systems and Services

At 2CL, we think there is more to the two-way radio industry than just the sale of radios. We pride ourselves on our ability to differentiate ourselves from our competition, with the delivery of superior systems and services, and after-sales support, including two-way radio maintenance.

2CL’s Radio Systems and Services

At 2CL we pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers to develop an understanding of their exact two-way radio requirements and work with them to ensure high levels of satisfaction.

Upholding exceptional customer service in everything that we provide, from single radios to multi-site systems with hundreds of radios, distinguishes us in an industry where attention to detail is paramount, and service delivery is vital.

Radio System Design and Installation

Digital two-way radios bring enhanced voice quality for clearer communication, longer battery life to last you a full shift and private one-to-one calls for voice privacy. Advanced applications allow a host of additional benefits to radio users; adding real value to your business and operations. Building your digital radio system could not be easier.

The IP-based connectivity of infrastructure will allow you to link base stations to add resources and link sites to form networks. Integration with other systems can allow alarm reporting and tracking information to be delivered directly to your radio or PC-based dispatcher.

For details on our market-leading two-way radio IP-linked system, visit our mining sector page.

Tailoring this new radio system to meet your requirements is where our knowledgeable and supportive team at 2CL can help. We can also offer site visits to live systems where the benefits of digital two-way radio can be discussed in detail, in person. This can take many forms but may revolve around the need to communicate over larger areas or across multiple sites. Private one-to-one calling and calling from a radio into the telephone system are very powerful tools which have enhanced the value of handheld two-way radios within businesses.

The skills required to understand and develop radio systems for clients are professionally supported by the whole 2CL team, we can help you arrive at the correct solution, both operationally and commercially.

Two-way Radio System Support

We have designed, integrated and maintained two-way radio systems and wireless solutions since 1972. Our service department consists of experienced and qualified engineers, installers and customer service officers whose aim is to provide a fast and professional service.

We have a wide range of maintenance and warranty services to meet your needs. From casual radio repairs to full system maintenance with 24-hour engineer cover, our service support packages can be tailored to suit your operation and budget. Our experienced staff will take responsibility for following your service enquiry from start to finish; monitoring it through specific software programs that track orders, deliveries and repairs by customer account.

For practical examples of the levels of cover, we provide, please see the system description for Queen Alexandra Hospital in our healthcare sector.

Maintenance Contracts for Radio Systems

Maintenance contracts provide tailored services for your two-way radio products. Maintenance of equipment can be carried out on-site or at our service centre with associated out-of-hours cover for critical systems. Agreements including ‘repair or replacement of batteries’ and ‘radios with accidental damage’ can also be provided, giving a truly fixed cost service over a period of time. BP Hamble Oil Refinery have benefited from our premium maintenance service for several years. See our petrochemical sector page for more details.

Radio Systems for Hire

We are a leading player within the radio hire business. Our hiring expertise spans 30 years and our reputation for great equipment, quality and reliability has led to a very successful hire team.

Radio hire can be an incredibly cost-effective way of establishing communications. Whether short-term or long-term hire, the ability to have radios delivered, collected and fully maintained is very beneficial to our clients. Our fixed rate charges also allow you to accurately budget costs on a daily, weekly or annual basis.

Going the extra distance to support clients, we are pleased to say our hire service is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We offer coverage surveys, frequency management, system configuration, on-site support, engineering support, installation and de-installation, barcode scanning and more.

Our hire team will take the time to ask you various questions to determine the exact details of your requirements. Key questions include; how many radios do you require? Do you need any accessories? How long do you need to hire the radios for? How big is the area of coverage that you require? Your dedicated 2CL account manager will then send you a quotation based on your requests and our recommendations.

Once the quotation is confirmed, you will receive confirmation of your order for your records, and your radios will then arrive on the first day of your hire. Once your hire period has come to an end one of our team will call you to arrange for a collection, or if needed, an option to extend the hire period.

Our off-hire team will then off-hire the equipment and send you an email if required listing any outstanding equipment. We offer a 10-working-day grace period for you to return any missing items.

Ofcom Radio Licensing

The Office of Communications (OFCOM) is responsible for the enforcement, protection and management of the radio spectrum. Companies using licensed two-way radio equipment must have a valid OFCOM operator’s licence. The licence is issued by OFCOM. 2CL Communications is happy to offer the administration of licence applications.

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