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Utilities Two-Way Radio Systems

At 2CL Communications we are well-versed in supplying two-way radio communications that you can trust to be reliable, secure and efficient for daily operations and disaster response. Working with market-leading manufacturers, we offer undisrupted quality in voice and data communications, improving the efficiency and safety of field and maintenance workers.

We offer free advice and will supply a robust, reliable two-way radio system tailored to your specific operational and business requirements.

Digital Two-Way Networks for Utilities

Since the introduction of digital two-way radio technology, the industry has experienced vast improvements in audio clarity that accommodate for loud background noise, tough working conditions and severe weather, so workers will hear and be heard no matter what environment they are working in.

Long Battery Life with Digital Radios

An added benefit of digital radios today is the improvement in battery life. With a wide range of battery size and capacity and the implementation of Lithium Ion technology, some radio models can provide up to 30 hours of battery life, from a single charge. (Subject to usage).

Employee Safety in Utilities with Two-Way Radio

Employee safety on site is, as ever, paramount, especially when 24-hour shift patterns need to be considered. Two-way radio systems can provide an effective means for Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring. The requirement for an automated monitoring function can be met using digital radio systems. This provides users with the ability to activate emergency alarms if they fail to respond within a pre-determined time. Lone Worker emergency can also monitor employee activity from a centralised control room, or by using a supervisor’s display radio.

With GPS positioning, digital radio can help emergency teams in their response saving vital minutes and often making the crucial difference in keeping your employees safe at work. With the addition of Man Down tilt switches, it is possible for emergency alarm sequences to be triggered based on the user’s body position. This means that should they fall, the radio will send an emergency message, even when the users physically can’t.


Water Treatment Two-Way Radio Solutions

Water treatment works are often an environment which necessitates an effective communications solution which enables the workforce to operate safely. Should they need to call for help or instruct control rooms to stop equipment, the two-way radio system will deliver these potentially lifesaving messages. The equipment in use at such water treatment works, including large items of electrical plant machinery, will often have quite a significant impact on the operation of a two-way radio system.

At 2CL, we have vast experience in designing radio systems around such complications, and you can be sure that a comprehensive coverage survey will be carried out to ensure the two-way radio system will operate in all required areas. During our recent works for Anglian Water, background noise levels were checked to provide guidance on the requirement for radio accessories with Health and Safety compliance, including hearing protection compatibility.

Wide Area Utilities Systems

2CL have been a long-term supporter of a radio system designed and installed to cover Sutton and East Surrey’s Water treatment and delivery areas. The various buildings and operating areas provided service to 675,000 customers. 2CL installed and supported a radio system providing voice and data solutions across the entire area of operations, with a Control Room Monitoring Solution, coverage increasing Cell Enhancers – Providing black spot coverage enhancements, and a comprehensive 24/7 maintenance contract including annual maintenance visits.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk


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