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Two-way radios for the Transport Sector

2CL Communications understands the importance of a reliable, secure and widely accessible communications network. Day-to-day, voice and data communication with front-line staff is where the quality of the two-radio system can have the most immediate impact.

Working with market-leading manufacturers, we can offer undisrupted voice and data communications, improving the efficiency and safety of all workers. We offer free advice and will supply a robust, reliable two-way radio system tailored to the specific operational requirements of your business.

Digital Two-Way Radio Networks for Transport

Developments in digital two-way radio technology have provided considerable improvements in audio clarity. Even in situations where loud background noise is an issue, the working conditions are tough and the weather is severe, workers will hear and be heard no matter what the environment around them brings.

Long Battery Life with Digital Radios

With today’s digital radios, you will benefit from improved battery life. There is now a wide range of battery sizes and capacities available and, with the implementation of Lithium Ion technology, some radio models can experience up to 30 hours of battery life from a single charge. (Subject to usage).

Transport Employee Safety with Two-Way Radio

Employee safety is paramount, especially when 24-hour shift patterns need to be considered. Two-way radio systems can provide an effective means for Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring. The requirement for an automated monitoring function can be met using digital radio systems. This provides users with the ability to activate emergency alarms if they fail to respond within a pre-determined time. Lone Worker emergency can also monitor employee activity from a centralised control room, or by using a supervisor’s display radio.

The use of GPS positioning digital radio can help emergency teams in their response, to save vital minutes, often making the crucial difference in keeping your employees safe. With the addition of Man Down tilt switches it is possible for emergency alarm sequences to be triggered, based on the user’s body position. This means that should they fall, the radio will send an emergency message even when the user physically can’t.

Rail Support Systems Across The UK

2CL are proud to support Great Western Railway throughout the UK. Their train care depots, including Reading, Penzance, and Stewarts Lane in London have all recently had the benefit of new digital two-way radio systems installed by 2CL Communications. The Motorola DP4400 non-display radios are ideal, their rugged construction and industry-leading audio quality provide the maintenance teams with reliable communications around their depots. Even when standing next to a running train, the conversations can still be understood perfectly.

Systems coupled with a TRBOnet dispatcher system, which offers comprehensive voice recording and data capture, ensure depots are fully compliant with regulations regarding voice recording for incident management and reporting.

Read about our work with GTR here.

Airport Radio Systems in the UK

TAG Farnborough Airport trusts 2CL Communications to support their installed radio system on a 24/7 maintenance contract. 2CL also offer increased support to the Farnborough Operations Team with the expansion of their main system, to facilitate the International Air Show on a bi-annual basis. The additional Motorola Capacity Plus equipment expands the system to increase capacity to several hundred radios, for the various systems and operators for the Air Show.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk


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