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Two-way Radios for Security Communications

At 2CL we can provide crystal clear communications for your security teams and help users to communicate with flawless coverage and crystal clear audio with no background noise interference. In addition, this helps to introduce enhancements in employee safety, improving employee care and monitoring.

Whether you manage your own on-site security or use an external company, 2CL Communications can provide a reliable, functional radio system. With a two-way radio system from 2CL Communications, you will receive an effective, dependable system which, with the support of our service department, will continue to support your team as well as allow your radio system to develop with your needs.

Security Personnel Safety with Two-Way Radio

Employee safety is essential when working in the security industry; two-way radio systems can provide effective means of Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring. If you have security personnel working alone, the requirement for an automated monitoring function can be met using digital radio systems. This gives users the ability to send off emergency alarms if they fail to respond within a pre-determined time.

Lone Worker Emergency can monitor employee activity from a centralised security control room. We can also offer GPS positioning, using digital radio we can aid emergency teams in their response, saving vital minutes and often making the crucial difference in keeping your employees safe.

With the addition of Man Down tilt switches, you can trigger emergency alarm sequences based on the user’s body position. Should they fall, the radio will send an emergency message, even if a user isn’t physically able to.

Central London Security Solutions

There are few locations in the UK more secure than the Bank of England. 2CL are proud to support the radio system for the Bank which comprises Motorola Digital Repeaters at three locations throughout the properties in London, and a separate system for the Printing Works in Loughton.

The Bank of England benefits from a 2CL maintenance contract with annual assurance maintenance visits. The security channels in the Central London Buildings are IP Linked, meaning coverage is expanded for all areas for which the security department is required to operate. All security radios are capable of triggering emergency alarms, which will be intercepted by the control room for a coordinated response.

Nationwide Security Management Operations

G4S Secure Solutions (UK) are one of the UK’s leading security providers nationwide and we at 2CL are extremely privileged to work alongside their event team. We work closely with G4S event account managers to provide radio hire solutions big and small from basic to more complex systems. Due to the nature of the event industry, 2CL can be flexible to changes to hiring jobs and many last-minute orders when they arise.

This has been made possible due to 2CL’s extensive hire fleet consisting of Motorola analogue and digital UHF/VHF handhelds along with a selection of Hytera models.

Another similar customer, focused largely in Central London is Security Force Management, SFM. 2CL are proud to offer a very similar service to G4S, however, with a majority of SFM’s radio hire jobs 2CL provide onsite support for some of the larger events either in an event control set-up or on the ground.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk


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