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Two-Way Radio Systems for Petrochemical and Mining Operations

Two-way radio communications can provide a seamless solution allowing you to operate a safe manufacturing environment with clarity and an enhanced focus on worker safety.

Digital radios provide a dependable system, connecting workers clearly and safely wherever they need to operate. When it is not possible to talk, data applications and keypad radios can communicate with text messaging and job ticketing. It is even possible to respond to system status updates which have been sent directly to individual portable radios.

Digital Radio Communications with Hazardous Substances

With ATEX-approved radios and accessories, you can be sure that 2CL Communications can meet your requirements even when your manufacturing process includes the use or production of hazardous substances. Specifically built to operate in areas with a high risk of explosions, ATEX-certified radios provide the peace of mind that it is possible to safely operate in dangerous environments.

All ATEX radios will be fully capable of offering the benefits of digital radio, such as improved audio quality in loud environments, greater usable operating range and improvements in battery life.

Two-Way Radios Improve Safety and Productivity

Our next-generation communication solutions are vital for prospecting teams, especially those in remote and sensitive locations, for exploration and extraction.

Send vital information, support in-field operations and keep connected with team members, shore offices and overseas headquarters. More than a line of communication, each field worker’s radio can prove to be a lifeline in hazardous areas. When you extend our always-available networks to the field, you improve safety and productivity.

We have worked with several petrochemical and oil sites throughout the country. Whilst most have similar needs, many dictated by legislation and health and safety, we visit each site and conduct a comprehensive site survey. We speak to as many of the potential two-way radio users as we can, which enables us to gain a better understanding of how the specific 2CL-designed two-way radio system can help improve the requirements of the whole team.

Two-way radio systems can provide an effective means of Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring within the petrochemical and mining industries. If you have a lone plant engineer, the requirement for an automated monitoring function can be utilised.

This provides users with the functionality to activate emergency alarms if they fail to respond within a pre-determined time, lone worker emergency can monitor employee activity from a centralised location or using a display radio. If using a software-based control room solution, GPS Positioning can be utilised to provide location mapping of radio users.

Should your site have the requirement for a COMAH alarm system for public warnings, we can integrate this functionality with your two-way radio solution, providing you with the capability of alerting the public of any threats to their safety. For more information, please see our COMAH page.

Mining Operation Radio Solutions in the UK

At 2CL we have the largest linked IP Site Connect System in the UK, helping our customer Compass Minerals and Deepstore in Winsford, Cheshire, communicate seamlessly throughout their network of underground tunnels that span miles. The underground tunnel network is separated into two key areas of operations. Compass Minerals are responsible for the excavation of the mine, harvesting rock salt to provide across the UK and Europe. The second area is Deepstore, which converts excavated areas below ground into environmentally stable areas for large-scale storage use.

With miles of tunnels, Motorola IP Site Connect is ideal to utilise the underground IP Network, to enable communications between key operational areas. 2CL have also used Telemetry Messaging to send automated messages in the event of equipment failures, e.g. if a fan unit should fail, key management staff are made aware via text messages sent to their DP4800 Display Radios. They can then send emergency evacuation voice messages stored within the TRBOnet Server to all radio users.

With the obvious lack of GPS Signal underground, 2CL have installed a network of K-Term indoor positioning beacons and radio option boards to enable indoor location tracking for emergency use. If a user triggers their radio emergency feature, or their automated Lone Worker or Man Down is triggered, it will send the last three beacons to a TRBOnet Dispatcher Screen which will show controllers their last movements, aiding response in this safety critical environment.

Refinery Radio Solutions in Hamble

BP Oil has a variety of systems in use at their Hamble refinery, and all radios on site have to be ATEX approved. 2CL have looked after the maintenance and support of the Hamble refinery for over 10 years. The Maintenance and Support Contract includes annual health check assurance visits. During these visits, the site infrastructure is checked, and portables are assessed for any damage which may pose a safety concern; i.e. if the ATEX radios have become damaged, they may introduce an ignition risk, which would of course be critical on-site. They also include 24/7 cover, where 2CL will respond to site within 2 hours, 365 days a year.

We offer free advice and can supply a robust, reliable two-way radio system tailored to petrochemical and mining business requirements, together with a wide range of high-quality accessories.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk


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