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Two-Way Radios for MOD & Defence Support Services

The UK Military and Ministry of Defence were among the first adopters of two-way radio.

In this field, there is a well-established understanding of how vital reliable communications can be in order to ensure safe and effective facility operation. We have provided and supported systems in use at live firing ranges across the country and have extensive experience in managing systems where lives depend on the assurance of a radio call being successfully placed.

Advances in Two-Way Radio Capabilities for Military

With continual advances in two-way radio technology, many new features can be applied and are directly relevant to the Ministry of Defence and Military organisations. Many key features, including Lone Worker and Man Down emergency signalling, enhanced security and encryption, wide area systems coverage, ATEX Certified Radios and GPS positioning can all ensure multiple organisation inter-operability and user safety.

Integrating 2CL Connect

The 2CL Connect system can be installed to integrate into existing site infrastructure, giving additional capability, including features such as voice recording, telephone interconnection, alarm management, BMS monitoring and fire system early warning assistance. 2CL Connect is a simple unit that can be quickly installed and easily configured to provide a huge increase in site monitoring and systems control.

Although there is a huge variety of enhanced capabilities we understand that more often than not the basic requirement is often overlooked. With us, you can be assured that a solution will be recommended to ensure the simplest operation possible. We understand that, especially in high-pressure situations, the ability to get safety critical messages communicated to all users simply and quickly is vital. Over-complicated procedures can often be eliminated in favour of single-button pushes, with automated voice messages being relayed to everyone in a matter of seconds.

Reliable Two-Way Radio Communications Systems

We have exceptional levels of experience in the two-way radio industry and are ideally placed to facilitate the requirements of a wide variety of users. Our technically proficient sales and service departments will work with you to build a tailor-made solution. This ensures that a reliable communications system is delivered, enabling our customers to continue their operations safely and efficiently.


Should your site have the requirement for a COMAH alarm system for public warnings, we can integrate this functionality with your two-way radio solution, providing you with the capability of alerting the public of any threats to their safety. For more information, please see our COMAH page.

With a huge range of products on offer, the team here at 2CL are in a position to understand your exact requirements and recommend the most suitable system to benefit your operations and offer seamless communications.

Military and MOD Radio Supply and Technical Support

We have one of the largest fleets of hire radios available and can supply radios to support a broad range of scenarios and operations, such as short-term training operations and intensive trials. With a minimum hire period of 1 week, you can factor in your radio requirements with ease and provide secure communications to ensure safety on key tasks and exercises.

As a successful, award-winning and established company in the two-way radio industry, we are able to draw on an unrivalled wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver an excellent level of customer service. We have the technical ability to design and build custom solutions tailored to individual client’s specific requirements and to deliver excellent two-way radio systems.

Firing Range Radio Systems in the UK

2CL have been supporting QinetiQ and their Ministry of Defence weapons testing ranges across the UK, with a key system located at Pendine. Using DP4401 radios, which are equipped with GPS as a standard, and a TRBOnet Dispatcher Radio System, control room staff are aware of staff locations in relation to which ranges are operational. QinetiQ also has the ability to disable the GPS using a radio side button, for when they need their radios to stop sending location updates, thus increasing the emissions safety of these particular radios.

Within TRBOnet there is also the capability to set up ‘Geofencing’. This feature can highlight particularly hazardous areas, and when particular radios enter an area, a message can be sent to the radio. For example, if there was a range that the cleaners were not allowed to visit, you can set up a Geofence around the range, and should any cleaner carry a radio into the range their radio will alert and the control room will become aware of this particular radios incursion into the active range.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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