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Two-Way Radio Systems for Marine

Safety Critical Communications for the Marine Industry

ICOM UK is the market leader in the commercial marine radio sector. As they are a manufacturer of award-winning commercial marine radio systems and products, 2CL Communications are proud of our ongoing relationship with ICOM UK, and our experienced sales and technical service teams have been working closely with ICOM for over 19 years. 2CL listens to your exact requirements and works with you to deliver a reliable communication system and offer continued support for any issues or additional requirements.

Two Way Radios Available for Marine

Marine radios can generally be supplied as either handheld radios or fixed units. A fixed unit could be installed on the vessel’s bridge, and handheld units could be used by any personnel operating around the vessel.

A handheld radio could also be used by smaller carriers such as kayaks, jet skis or dinghies. Many units are manufactured with waterproofing in mind, and the new award-winning IC-M25EURO from ICOM is equipped with ‘Float and Flash’ Technology, meaning if units are lost they can be easily found again.

Fixed units have added benefits of being capable of alerting local vessels and providing location data. In the instances of distress or Man Overboard situations, at the simple press of a button, they can send a distress call to all units and coast guards within their operational areas. These messages can be vital in the safe rescue of any vessel or sailor in distress.

A variant of marine radios are being produced to include Digital Selective Calling (DSC) technology. Radios capable of DSC will send their individual vessel number, the Maritime Mobile Security Identifier (MMSI), and the location details if available. These details can help guide responding vessels, saving critical time.

Marine Radio Solutions

As well as international radio systems, 2CL can also supply DMR radios for use on board maritime vessels. As a long-term partner of Global Services, 2CL has supplied and supported Luxury Yachts, such as the M/Y Rising Sun and M/V Savannah with two-way radio systems. As well as VHF Marine Radio, the provision of a single radio repeater, licensed for use with marine vessels, can facilitate operations of maintenance and engineering teams, as well as hospitality on board.

Marine Radio Solutions in Hampshire

Portsmouth Port Managers have a combination of two radio systems. They have their own Motorola Digital Radio System for the operations within the Port, however, they also utilise ICOM marine band radios for berthing operations. 2CL also include the support of a maintenance contract which provides out-of-hours support.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk


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