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Two-Way Radios Systems for Local Government

A council’s top priority is the safety and security of its delegates and personnel. Here at 2CL, we understand that Government is constantly pressing its departments to enhance safety and increase staff efficiency.

Two-way radio systems are an ideal way to improve teamwork and interoperability; helping Local Government staff create a safe environment and more productive resource management.

Effective two-way radio communication can help boost productivity and cut costs with real-time mobile connectivity for Government facilities. When you need to communicate quickly and easily with all essential personnel, individually, in groups or with all staff, the best way is over digital two-way radio. With the touch of a button, you can securely link multiple teams across the district. Using two-way radio you are more able to ensure that staff can respond rapidly and work efficiently, wherever they go. With durable devices and using site-specific design solutions from us, you will have access to technology that will meet all of your needs.

Bespoke Local Government & Council Radio System Design

With our team’s knowledge and experience working with Local Government and access to digital and analogue radio equipment coupled with our system design experience, we understand the importance of keeping the public and staff safer throughout the district and improving overall efficiency.

Here at 2CL, we have the experience to cater to your exact requirements, providing the full range of services from license-free technology to larger, wide-area systems.

Many digital two-way radios have GPS functionality, along with Man Down and remote worker capability. These functions all provide additional peace of mind for radio users and the general public throughout the Local Government area. The health and safety of all employees are always taken into consideration during the system design process. This includes any/all accessories that will keep personnel safe and secure whilst using the two-way radio system.

Digital two-way radio systems can also link into your fire and security alarms as well as the site BMS System, using 2CL Connect. The security alert is raised via the two-way radio solution to notify the nominated responder, who can then resolve the issue, potentially providing significant cost savings.

We have worked with many different councils throughout the country, and whilst most have similar needs, we complete a site visit with every client and conduct a comprehensive site survey. We speak to as many of the potential two-way radio users as possible in order to gain a better understanding of the site, how it works, any concerns and how the implementation of a site-specific, 2CL-designed two-way radio system can help improve the operation and facilities for all staff.

London Council Enforcement Radio Solutions

The radio system in use for The London Borough of Newham Enforcement and Community Safety Officers provides VHF Radio Communications across the entire borough. With radio users equipped with GPS-enabled radios and control room staff operating a TRBOnet Dispatcher software suite that provides GPS Tracking to ensure staff are patrolling the correct areas and providing a simple, intuitive representation of the area covered by the Community Safety staff and Enforcement Patrols. With Emergency triggering and console alerts, control room staff can be alerted to any other staff who require immediate assistance.

City Council Wide Area Digital Two-Way Radio System

The requirement from Southampton City Council for several independent user groups to operate across the whole Southampton area has necessitated the installation of a robust, wide area system.

2CL installed a 5-Site, Linked Capacity Plus system, with a TRBOnet System, offering a multitude of various departmental software environments. For user groups including but not limited to Refuse, Parking Enforcement and Emergency planning, using a selection of the Motorola DP4000 series radios has increased the operational capability of the council as a whole.

The five repeater sites are all linked via Microwave Links installed and monitored by 2CL. Some of the digital radio features in daily use are GPS location tracking, private calling, emergency monitoring, multisite wide area calling and comprehensive event and voice recording.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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