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Two-Way Radios for Leisure Centres to Golf Clubs, Art Galleries to Cinemas & Shopping Centres

With a varied portfolio of customers in the leisure and entertainment industries, here at 2CL Communications, we will work with you and your establishment to provide the best possible two-way radio solution to ensure that your leisure and entertainment facility runs smoothly and safely.

With vast amounts of industry knowledge, the team here at 2CL has a wealth of professional experience in delivering bespoke two-way radio solutions to a variety of leisure and entertainment establishments. With a friendly and helpful sales team willing to meet with you and understand your exact requirements, you will receive exactly what you need and suit your budget.

Hotel Two-way Radio Communications in the UK

Big chain or small boutique, business traveller or tourist – consumers have abundant options on where to spend their hard-earned money. With more families than ever choosing to holiday at home in the UK, differentiating your facilities through exceptional service is one of the best ways to attract consumers and retain them. Guests want to be delighted and feel comfortable in a safe and welcoming environment. They expect their requests to be quickly addressed.

Hotels and resorts have numerous needs too. They must keep accurate track of rooms, supplies and facilities. They must also ensure security with instant, discreet communications and provide safety and security throughout the property. Yet they may not know how to best expand their communication capabilities and decrease the cost of redundant systems to achieve it.

When hotels and resorts rely on the right communications technology they create a real-time flow of information between different departments and diverse personnel. From the front-of-house services to housekeeping, connected staff are well-equipped to be more responsive to guests’ needs, helping them keep their guests happy.

The right communications improve productivity by keeping assets and facilities up and running smoothly. Whether repairing an air conditioner or replenishing food in a banquet hall, available staff members can act immediately when they are effortlessly connected. Hotel executives agree – they say “driving more revenue” and “enhancing guest services” are their top two goals for investing in technology. With a two-way radio solution from us at 2CL Communications, you can be sure the radio solution will enable you to do both.

Employee Safety with Two-Way Radio Systems

Keeping employees safe is always important, and with digital radios, Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring can be provided. If you have a security patrol or an employee working alone, any requirement for an automated monitoring function can be met. Users are provided with the ability to send off emergency alarms if they fail to respond within a pre-determined time.

GPS positioning is also available on digital radios, which can help emergency teams in their response, to save potentially vital minutes, often making a crucial difference in keeping employees safe.

To further assist the maintenance of safe operation in a commercial environment, 2CL Connect can interface with a building’s management system to send automated messages to radio users should there be an emergency anywhere in the facility. These extra moments can increase productivity and reduce detrimental downtime, helping responders to immediately focus their resources on rectifying any problems highlighted using the 2CL Connect Device.

Art Gallery Radio Hire Solutions in London

2CL are proud to look after both the Tate Modern and Tate Britain Galleries in Central London. With the new building works completed alongside the Turbine Hall at The Tate Modern of the TM2 extension, having supported the main building radio system for several years, 2CL were on hand to meet with the customer during the construction phase. We carried out coverage surveys and signal level tests and identified the requirement for an IP Linked system to provide the gallery with the required coverage area. Installing Motorola SLR5500 Repeaters and utilising the split antenna system, 2CL were able to deliver a new Digital Radio system in line with the scheduled opening of the new building. The additional radio capacity and interference improvements provided were ideal for The Tate Modern. With Lone Worker Monitoring for the Facilities Management Company, staff were assured of improved safety monitoring for key tasks, including electrical maintenance and Lone Working tasks.

Golf Course Two-way Radio System Near London

Sunningdale Golf Club have been using a MOTOTRBO radio system which incorporates GPS Tracking, allowing the TRBOnet Dispatcher to provide real-time GPS location monitoring for emergency situations. The TRBOnet System allows for a Golf Course Map to be overlaid onto the screen as the normal map sourcing didn’t allow for adequate detailing for positional purposes. Sunningdale has chosen to enter into a Long Term Hire contract, which allows for replacement batteries and temporary radio replacements should any radios suffer damage. The Green Keepers operating loud machinery have been supplied with protective hard hats with a radio headset built into the ear defenders, and the superior quality of the Motorola Noise Cancelling means they can be in constant communication with crystal clear audio.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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