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Two-Way Radio Support for Reliable Infrastructure Support and Project Co-ordination

Infrastructure projects within the UK depend on reliable communications to coordinate project resources and ensure tasks are completed safely and on time. The knock-on effects caused by poor communications can lead to personal injury or failure to meet project deadlines, which often comes with extra financial costs too.

The team here at 2CL understand the importance placed on two-way radio and, working with you, can implement a radio system which provides your project team with effective two-way communications.

Infrastructure Hire for Short-Term Projects

With a huge range of products on offer and extensive industry knowledge, we understand your exact requirements and can recommend the most suitable system to benefit your operations and offer seamless communications to suit your needs. 2CL are proud to have supported Balfour Beatty in one of their recent construction projects with the short-term hire of some Motorola MOTOTRBO DP4400 UHF two-way radios. With one of the largest fleets of hire radios in the industry, we can facilitate the supply of radios to support a range of infrastructure projects. With a minimum hire period of 1 week, you can easily factor in your radio requirements in line with your project plan. Even if a radio is not needed for the duration of the project, you can provide secure communications to ensure safety on key tasks.

Moving forward from the initial build phase, with vast experience in system installation and maintenance we can work with infrastructure teams to establish a fully-functioning radio system for the end user, which can be fully maintained and supported by our 2CL Communications support team.

Employee Safety with Two-Way Radio

With the ever-increasing importance of employee safety, two-way radio systems can provide Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring. Whether a lone plant engineer or an electrician working on high-voltage equipment, the demand for automated monitoring functions can be met using digital radio systems.

Features include:

  • Providing users with the ability to send off emergency alarms if they fail to respond within a pre-determined time.
  • Lone Worker emergency, to monitor employee activity from a centralised control room or from a supervisor’s display radio.
  • Combined with GPS Positioning, digital radio can aid emergency team response times, often making a crucial difference in keeping your employees safe.
  • Man Down tilt switches, used to trigger emergency alarm sequences based on the user’s body position. Should they suffer a fall, the radio will send an emergency message even when a user isn’t physically able to.

2CL Technical Through-Life Support

Our highly trained and experienced staff can work with you through the design and delivery of your radio system. From the initial site visit, through to design, build and delivery, to after-sales support and maintenance care. We understand that your two-way radio system is vital to the safe operation of your facility and we are proud to be able to provide a 24-hour call-up support service. If your system fails we can be on hand to restore operational capability in a timely manner.

As a successful, award-winning company in the two-way radio industry, we draw on an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience in order to deliver an excellent level of customer service. We can design and build custom solutions tailored to suit your exact specification.

Financial Support for Radio Infrastructure

Here at 2CL Communications, we are proud to be a financially strong company with the capabilities to offer flexible payment options, long-term hire and lease finance. We will work with you to ensure that your need for an exceptional two-way radio system is met in line with your budget.

Road Infrastructure Projects

2CL have had a long supply and support relationship with Carillion who work in partnership with the Highways Agency to support the maintenance teams who look after the M40 Motorway. The radio system operates over a BT line from two locations close to the motorway and provides coverage to three controlling depots, and radios installed into a wide variety of maintenance vehicles including road gritters.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk


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