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Two-Way Radios for Industry and Manufacturing

Two-way radio communications will help to operate a safe manufacturing environment, with clarity and an enhanced focus on worker safety.

Digital radio provides a dependable system, connecting workers clearly and safely wherever they need to operate. When it isn’t appropriate or possible to talk to communicate vital information, data applications and keypad radios can communicate with text messaging and job ticketing. It is also possible to respond to system status updates that have been sent directly to an individual’s portable radio.

ATEX Certified Radios for Manufacturers

As we also provide ATEX-approved radios and accessories, so even if your manufacturing process includes the use or production of hazardous substances, we can provide a system that works for your specific needs. Built-in order to operate in areas with a high risk of explosions, ATEX-certified radios offer the peace of mind that you can safely operate even in the most dangerous of environments.

We offer free advice and can supply a robust, reliable two-way radio system tailored to your business requirements, coupled with a wide range of high-quality accessories.

Industrial Digital Two-Way Radio Benefits

Since the introduction of digital two-way radio technology, the audio clarity in noisy environments has improved vastly, ensuring your radio messages are being communicated and understood. The progression of the technology has resulted in both enhanced system reliability and performance.

Significant improvements in battery life have also increased the usability of two-way radio systems. With a wide range of battery sizes and capacities and the implementation of Lithium Ion technology, some radio models can experience up to 30 hours of battery life from a single charge (subject to usage).

Digital radios also offer considerable flexibility, especially when considering the different requirements within many manufacturing businesses. For example, if manufacturing requires ATEX-approved radios but the security team require a smaller and more discreet radio, the team here at 2CL can work with you to ensure that interoperability is maintained whilst accommodating exact client requirements.

Should your site need a COMAH alarm system for public warnings, we can integrate this functionality with your selected two-way radio solution, providing users with the capability of alerting the public of any threats to their safety. For more information see our COMAH page.

Employee Safety with Two-Way Radio

Employee safety on site is paramount in the manufacturing environment, especially when 24-hour shift patterns need to be considered. Two-way radio systems can provide an effective means for Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring. The requirement for an automated monitoring function can be met using digital radio systems. This provides users with the ability to activate emergency alarms. If they fail to respond within a pre-determined time, lone worker emergency can also monitor employee activity from a centralised control room or by using a supervisor’s display radio.

With GPS positioning digital radio can aid emergency teams in their response, to save vital minutes, often making a crucial difference in maintaining employee safety. With the addition of Man Down tilt switches, it is possible for emergency alarm sequences to be triggered, based on the user’s body position. This means that should they fall, the radio will send an emergency message, even when the users physically can’t.

Manufacturing Radio Solutions for the UK

Gillette’s main manufacturing plant in the UK is located in Reading. Due to the nature of their products, the manufacturing process is vastly complicated and incorporates a wide range of hazardous components. With the site combining several different teams working together, it was vital the radio system they used would aid user safety and enable each of the teams to communicate reliably. 2CL Installed a Hytera XPT system with RD985S Repeaters and the Hytera PD795ex Hand Portable. The XPT System offers Gillette the flexibility of dynamic channel assignment, making the most of their 2 Channels and simple private calling.

To further improve the safety of the radio users, they have Man Down emergency triggering, with Remote Monitoring of radios in an emergency state, meaning after a user has triggered the emergency alarm, their radio’s microphone is live thus giving the security and first aid teams vital insight into the user’s condition.

Two-Way Radio Systems for Wales

Advanced Elastomer Systems in Newport, Wales were using an MPT1327 Analogue Trunking system. The natural progression from there was Motorola Capacity Plus Technology. Using their existing antenna combining system and re-using their already owned Ofcom Technically Assigned Radio License, 2CL were able to build and install a new MOTOTRBO Digital Radio System. Using a wide variety of hand portables including the latest enhanced DP4801e Radios, Advanced Elastomer Systems use the radio system to safeguard the workforce using Man Down emergency triggering, using workshop-fitted Man Down Option Boards, and the built-in options with the newly enhanced series. Using Digital ID numbering, when a radio alerts the control room is immediately aware of which user is in distress and can react to the situation.

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