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Two-way radio systems for corporate/commercial 

Two-way radio solutions can be implemented in technically diverse corporate and commercial environments. We offer seamless communications, facilitating the requirements of many individual departments that are critical to the successful operation of your business. With a wide portfolio of two-way radio products, the team here at 2CL can accommodate a wide variety of departmental radio requirements.

Corporate Radio Communication Systems

Ranging from rugged and durable radios for maintenance teams to sleek and elegant radios for reception and front of house, we can work with clients in the corporate and commercial arena to deliver the required functionality in a package that works best for you.

With vast experience installing radio systems in commercial premises, we understand that reliable in-building coverage is an essential part of ensuring your working environment is safe and that task instructions are passed to users for the timely completion of vital service jobs.

The ability to create complex and innovative antenna solutions and also design IP Connected systems allows us to provide radio systems to a diverse range of buildings, from large exhibition centres to small corporate offices and from multi-building estates to car dealerships.

Commercial Radio Communication Systems

Here at 2CL Communications, we have the expertise to assess any commercial facility and advise on the best technical solution, to ensure the two-way radio system functions in all areas of the site, providing crystal-clear communications.

Commercial Building Radio Solutions in London & Hampshire

2CL has been a long-term supplier of radios for one of Britain’s largest London-based property management companies. We supply them with a wide variety of radio systems depending on the requirements of each site.

With different buildings posing different technical challenges, each system needs to be designed, built and delivered to varying specifications and requirements. Most buildings will have a wide range of teams, including but not limited to Security, Engineering, Front of House, IT, and Housekeeping.

Each property houses a variety of clients – for example Front of House need Sleek and elegant radios, making Motorola SL4000 radios ideal. However, the Engineering department needed a more rugged solution for the nature of their work and the Motorola DP4800 radios, with a more substantial and rugged construction and upgradeable Man Down options, give the client a comprehensive radio system for safe and effective communications, tailored to their needs.

Corporate Radio Systems in London

2CL is proud to support the London-based law firm Clifford Chance and has installed a Motorola capacity plus digital radio system and a complex building antenna system to provide communications throughout their offices.

2CL also offer continuing support in the form of a 24/7, 365 days a-year maintenance contract providing site support and attendance out of hours.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk


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