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Two-Way Radio Systems for Building Management

Dependable radio communication is a vital part of building management, as it enables departments to manage their systems with ease and efficiency.

Whether you manage your own process or employ a facilities management company, a radio system supplied by 2CL will allow users to communicate with flawless coverage and crystal-clear audio with no background noise or interference. In addition, the introduction of enhanced employee safety with features like Man Down and Lone Worker helps to protect your employees. With the added benefit of durable design and construction standards, you can be sure your radio will communicate perfectly at the touch of a button, even in the harshest of environments.

With a two-way radio system from 2CL, you can be sure you’re getting a dependable, long-lasting system that will continue supporting and growing your business for years to come.

Reliable Radios for Building Management

2CL use only the highest quality components in our systems, as we are very selective with our suppliers and value quality above all else. You can be sure that any product supplied by 2CL is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. Our engineering department is always on top of the latest updates from manufacturers and can be on hand to support any changes that may be required.

Building Employee Safety with Two-Way Radio

With the ever-increasing importance of employee safety, two-way radio systems can provide a reliable and effective means of Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring. Whether it’s a security patrol, or an electrician working on some high-voltage equipment, automated monitoring can be done using a digital radio system from 2CL. Giving users the ability to send off emergency alarms if they fail to respond within a pre-determined time, Lone Worker Emergency can monitor employee activity from a centralised control room. Combined with GPS Positioning, digital radios can aid emergency teams in their response, keeping your employees safe at work. With the addition of Man Down tilt switches, you can trigger emergency alarm sequences based on the user’s body position. Should they fall, the radio will send an emergency message, even when the users physically can’t.

To further aid in maintaining safe operation in a commercial environment, 2CL Connect can interface with a building’s management system, to send automated messages to radio users should a vital piece of building plant equipment fail. These extra moments can increase productivity, reduce detrimental system downtime and help responders immediately focus their resources on rectifying any problems highlighted using the 2CL Connect Device.


2CL Technical Through-Life Radio Support

2CL Communications’ highly trained, experienced and technical staff can work with you through your radio system design and delivery. From the initial site visit, to design, build and delivery,  right through to after-sales support and maintenance. We understand that your two-way radio system is vital to the safe operation of your facility. We are proud to offer 24-hour call-up support service should your system require attention, so we can be on hand to ensure restored operational capability in a timely manner.

Buildings Management Radio Financial Support

2CL Communications are able to offer flexible payment options, long-term hire and lease finance. We can work with you to ensure your need for an exceptional two-way radio system is met, no matter your budget.

Building Management Radio Solutions in London & Hampshire

BNP Paribas in Central London has used 2CL to supply and support several separate building radio systems. We took the time to explain the advantages of a MOTOTRBO IP Site Connected system, and this was installed across their properties.

With digital radio offering two simultaneous conversations for one channel, they were able to use Channel 1 for Individual Building Communications, and Channel 2 as a Linked Channel for all buildings, giving them the ability to communicate effectively across their properties.

Estate Management System for Victoria Gate, Leeds

2CL have been supporting the radio system in use at Victoria Quarter Shopping Centre in Leeds for several years, including Annual Maintenance Visits. When it was time for the centre to expand its system to facilitate its new shopping area, Victoria Gate, 2CL were on hand to carry out site surveys, take the customer requirement, and build a proposal to facilitate their requirements. A MOTOTRBO Multisite Capacity Plus System using TRBOnet Dispatcher Software was deployed with equipment located in two different shopping precincts.

Lone working is essential for the centre to ensure the safety of the staff on-site, this is simply and effectively managed by control room staff. Should a member of staff begin work in a potentially hazardous environment, or begin a lone security patrol, the control room can activate Lone Worker mode for that user, and if they fail to call in, an automated alarm is triggered alerting all relevant personnel to that particular radio user’s distress call.

Victoria Leeds has a fully comprehensive maintenance agreement including Motorola’s Service from the start – comprehensive care, meaning all radios repairs including accidental damage are covered by warranty.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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