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Jobtrac+ transforms any Android smartphone into a cutting-edge, lone worker protection tool, with built-in productivity features.


Lone workers from all industries


Shake to Dial – A vigorous shake overrides the lock screen and calls our 24/7 cutting edge Emergency Response Centre accompanied by the announcement: “Calling Emergency Response”. This has proven to be a great de-escalation tool for lone worker employees.

Covert Calls – Pulse the power button to make a covert call to our Emergency Response Centre. The calls can be used when an overt announcement may inflame an already dangerous situation.

The ARM – A digital ‘Arm around the shoulder’. A non emergency response call to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. One of our highly trained controllers will stay on the line until you are safe. As one of our NHS users said: “It’s for when you are spooked”.


Media – Photos and videos taken through Jobtrac+ are uploaded to your tracking maps, indicating when and where they were taken. To enhance data security, the media is automatically deleted from the phone once uploaded to our servers.

Voice To Text (VTT) – A powerful dictation tool that converts your voice messages into text at the touch of a button.

Messaging – Our encrypted messaging can be used for one-to-one, team or to all. Messaging is only available to those within your organisation, preventing sensitive information being sent externally in error.



JobTrac+ Lone Worker Menu


JobTrac+ Lone Worker Snap Maps

SnapMap – Provide detailed records of where you were and when for proof of attendance. SnapMaps can also allow clients to ‘follow’ you for defined periods.

The Portal – Our online admin viewing and control panel. Admins can see individuals or teams , all on one map.

Status – Users can go ‘off-duty’ at the end of the day, yet crucially still receive all the safety and security benefits of Jobtrac+ and our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Control Centre.

Protecting Drivers and Their Employers – All in Jobtrac+

ICED by Speed disables your smartphone whilst driving, while still allowing calls to our dedicated 24/7 Emergency Response Centre. Messages can be sent out to users via the Jobtrac+ Portal and then read out, ensuring users don’t miss vital messages. ICED by Speed helps to enforce your corporate Distracted Driving policy.