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It’s ARRIVED – Safer, more accurate threat detection WITH unprecedented speed & volume

2CL in partnership with evolv

Thanks to EVOLV’s cutting-edge AI technology, backed by 2CL’s leadership in supplying radio communications and security equipment for 50 years, THE solution for high-volume crowd screening is here.

This revolutionary solution combines an enhanced visitor experience with unrivalled public safety, and is perfect for stadiums, arenas, large public buildings, and major events

Evolv Express® is the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that exceeds a venues security and operational requirements, whilst enhancing the user experience. Using advanced sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify weapons, Evolv quickly and accurately screens everyone who enters a venue — without the need to hand over their belongings, allowing for a natural, continuous crowd flow. Thanks to 2CL’s partnership with Evolv, the days of slow and invasive weapons screening are now a thing of the past.

10X Faster Entry. Significant Cost Savings

  • Frictionless flow up to 10X faster and up to 70% less cost than metal detectors
  • Evolv detects weapons and ignores harmless items
  • Touchless walk-through without dispossessing bags and personal items
  • Screen 3,600 people per hour

Evolv offers visitors a safer environment by detecting threats before they enter your venue. Evolv also helps provide the best possible visitor experience, eliminating the long lines of legacy weapons screening such as metal detectors, wands, and pat-downs, transforming security solutions.

Evolv Express®

Evolv Express® screen

Advanced AI that can differentiate personal items from threats

When a potential threat is detected by the system, real-time image-aided alarms show where the potential threat is located. This greatly reduces the amount of physical contact required and allows security guards to act quickly and efficiently.

Evolv also becomes smarter over time as new threat profiles are discovered. So teams can keep improving their venue security, learning from the past and planning for the future.



Your Guests enjoy an arrival experience that is faster, more convenient and more secure


Thanks to Evolv’s unique screening capabilities, families and groups of people can now enter a venue together quickly and without any annoying long waiting lines, helping to create a great atmosphere, whatever the location.

Evolv Express® is ideally suited for:

Sports Stadia

Sports stadia

Evolv totally transforms the fan experience at sports stadiums, allowing fans to make their way to their seats or concessions far more quickly and smoothly.

Ticketed Venues

Ticketed venues

No more guest frustration with security queues at your venue as Evolv is able to screen 3,600 people per hour. No stopping, no emptying pockets or removing bags.


Galleries and museums

Galleries and museums

Next-level security screening that’s highly accurate, unobtrusive and visitor friendly. It’s a welcoming experience that maintains dignity and accelerates entry.

Rentals for Events / Festivals

Rentals for Events / Festivals

Easy to set up and move, Evolv is flexible and portable, making it ideal for short-term events and for both indoor or outdoor use.


Only Evolv Express® – The new Standard in Weapons detection

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

Proven to operate up to ten times faster than traditional metal detectors.

Easy to Operate

Easy to operate

See where the threat is located, reducing search time and fatigue.


Targeted weapons detection

Targeted weapons detection

Detect threats without emptying everyday items such as phones and keys out of pockets

Superior visitor experience

Superior visitor experience

Touchlessly screen up to 3,600 visitors per hour as they walk through without stopping.


Reduced operating costs

Reduced operating costs

Up to 70% less security staff per entrance, allowing staff to be reallocated to other more effective areas.

Gain operational insights

Gain operational insights

Use digital analytics to understand alarm rates, threat types, arrival curves, and more.


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For further information about Evolv Express®, speak to one of our experts on 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk



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