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Alarm Management – 2CL Connect

Our team at 2CL Communications is delighted to offer 2CL Connect, a versatile appliance that enables system integrators to build customer-focused solutions without the need to install additional or specialist PCs and other potentially expensive software.

With the flexibility of 2CL Connect and its intuitive user interface, including a simple flowchart configuration tool, the possibilities for this device are limitless. Providing fantastic cost-saving opportunities, 2CL Connect provides users with remote system monitoring, including interaction with digital two-way radio that can lead to effective crisis management or simply assist with the day-to-day running of your establishment.

2CL Connect connects digital radio networks and other communication devices to many systems:

  • Alarms – Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms, False Alarm Management
  • Building Management Systems Integration
  • Nurse Call
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) Integration
  • Telephone – Phone Calls, Text Messaging
  • GPS Tracking
  • Voltage Monitoring
  • Email
  • The internet

Why Choose 2CL Connect?

2CL Connect is already being used successfully by hotel chains and in bed & breakfast facilities across the UK to enhance the safety of their guests and staff.

We understand that ensuring a safe and relaxing visit for your guests is your priority and false alarms that lead to evacuations can have a tremendously negative impact on their experience, often being the deciding factor on whether they return or not.

2CL Connect can help limit unnecessary evacuations by giving the first responder the opportunity to investigate the alarm activation as soon as it occurs.

5 Features of 2CL Connect you can’t do without!

  • 2CL Connect will send a simple text message to the two-way radio of your first responder, notifying them immediately where on the premises the potential fire is. For example, ‘2nd Floor Room 14’
  • False alarms can be expensive and can impact guests’ experiences. 2CL Connect will allow the first responder to investigate the alarm as soon as it happens
  • 2CL Connect allows you to control whether to sound the alarm or close it down
  • Should 2CL Connect not receive a response from the first responder after a pre-determined time the alarm will still sound
  • 2CL Connect is small and discreet, easy to install and will integrate with your existing Building Management System

2CL Connect can connect to Radio Systems, GSM, VOIP Phones, Fire Alarm systems, GPIO contacts and it has the flexibility for applications to be built using a simple and intuitive workflow editor.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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