Over 50 Years of supplying market-leading two-way radios 

2CL Communications are proud to be associated with brands such as Motorola, Hytera and Icom.

We have an extensive portfolio of analogue radios and digital radios, walkie-talkie accessories, infrastructure and applications from market-leading manufacturers, all of which have been designed and built to an exceptional quality.

Comprehensive Radio Range

Motorola’s Commercial and Professional series of two-way radios starting with the DP1400 analogue hand portable to the latest digital E series, DP4401/DP4801 Atex hand portables and leading software applications such as TRBOnet and SmartPTT.

Hytera’s TC and TM high-quality series of analogue radios and their MD, PD, X1 ergonomically designed series of hand portable digital two-way radios including XPT digital trunking and SmartDispatch software.

Icom’s series of two-way radios including the IC-F1000, IC-F2000, IC- F51/F61 and ICOM’s IP Advanced Radio System.

License-free, choose from our competitively priced license-free range of Motorola and Hytera two-way radios including the Motorola CLK446.

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