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Long-Term Radio System Hire

Long-term radio hire can be an incredibly cost-effective way of using the latest and most up-to-date radio equipment available for your building, site or project.

Long-Term Radio Hire Range

With a huge range of long-term radios on offer, at 2CL we understand your exact requirements and recommend the most suitable system in order to benefit your operation and provide seamless communications to suit your needs.

With one of the largest fleets of hire radios, 2CL can facilitate the hire of radios to support the full range of project size requirements and duration. We can provide complete bespoke radio systems to suit all budgets based on 1, 3 and 5 years. These plans come with full after-sales support and a dedicated Account Manager.

Process of 2CL’s Long-Term Radio Hire

2CL Communications’ highly trained, experienced and technical staff will work with you through your radio system design and delivery from the initial site visit, through to design, build and delivery to after-sales support and maintenance care.

We understand that your two-way radio system is vital to the safe operation of your facility, and are proud to be able to offer a 24-hour call-up support service. Should your system experience complications, we can be on hand to ensure restored operational capability in a timely manner.

As a successful, award-winning and long-established company in the two-way radio industry, 2CL Communications draws on an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and experience in order to deliver an excellent level of customer service.

With the technical ability to design and build custom solutions, we can tailor systems to individual clients’ requirements to suit your exact specification.

Long-Term Radio Systems in London

The ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London has been a valued customer of 2CL Communications for several years, and employ the enhanced features of Motorola Digital Two-Way Radios, combined with TRBOnet Radio Dispatcher Software.

The main system comprises Motorola MTR3000 Repeaters, their enhanced power output is essential for the complicated antenna system which provides coverage to all areas of the Exhibition Centre – even underground parking areas.

The entire system is on a long-term hire contract from 2CL, with over 200 radio users, all with full unit support including replacement batteries as required, site visits to investigate issues, 24/7 call-out support and remote assistance.

Multi-Building Radio Systems Hire

Macmillan Publishing in Central London own and operate in three separate buildings, and require two-way radio communications in all areas of the three buildings. Using Motorola IP Site Connect Technology, 3 Motorola DR3000 UHF Repeaters and MOTOTRBO radios, they are able to communicate in all rooms, including many plant rooms and office spaces.

The radios automatically sense which repeater is offering the best signal, locks on to this signal and passes their messages on, all with minimal interaction from the user so they know that in any area of the site, their messages will be broadcast and heard by all necessary personnel.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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