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Hire Service & Support

Our hire service is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. Technically supported by our accredited engineers, we provide an exceptional service, on-call or on-site, throughout your hire period.

2CL Radio hire services and support include:

Coverage Survey

The first step to establishing good communications across larger areas is a coverage survey. The survey ensures the quality of signal strength and identifies problem areas which may require supporting infrastructure or specialist equipment.

Radio Frequency Management

With any hire, 2CL will programme your radios to a configuration which best suits your operation and ensure the equipment and frequencies that you use comply with the regulations set and policed by Ofcom.

Site Configuration

Not only will we manage your hired radios’ frequencies but we can also manage those on your site in order to reduce the possibility of cross-channel interference and prosecution from illegal frequency use.

Radio Allocation Labels

To assist with radio allocation, onsite, we provide a label on the front of each radio handset, so that clients are able to differentiate each handset to an individual or department to help with the tracking of the equipment while on hire. This ensures that any losses are kept to a minimum.

Radio Barcode Scanning

We can also provide a simple solution for logging your radios to and from on-site personnel. On request, we are also able to barcode accessories to assist with keeping a comprehensive log of equipment onsite.

System Configuration

Our hire fleet is equipped with a radio trunking system which provides functionality including individual, group and all call facilities. It is programmable to meet your organisation’s needs.

Radio Equipment Specification

It is essential that you use the correct equipment for your requirements, and our depth of experience qualifies us to diagnose and integrate these equipment specifications. Providing successful radio communications is exceptionally technical and it is because of this that we choose equipment which suits your needs, instead of providing generic off-the-shelf packages.

On-Site Radio Systems Support

If you are operating a complex or task-critical radio system, you may decide to have one of our service engineers remain on-site for the duration of the event, providing engineering support and giving you peace of mind. Alternatively, you may require on-site assistance with radio allocation and handling, which a member of our Hire team can help you with.

Engineering Radio Support

Throughout your hire period, our service engineers and hire team will provide you with telephone and on-site support – whichever is required.

Communications Installation and De-Installation

All our radio communications systems and bespoke solutions can be installed and de-installed by our highly trained engineers. The 2CL team helps to ensure this is a quick, effortless and issue-free process for clients.


To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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