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Two-Way Radios for Bespoke Event Hire

2CL Communications is one of the leading suppliers of two-way radio equipment to the events industry.

We supply many events of all sizes. Some of our notable achievements include bespoke radio systems for the organisers of the Virgin London Marathon, Great North Run, Glastonbury Festival, Prudential RideLondon, Isle Of Wight Festival, Download Festival and Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

2CL is the chosen supplier for so many events due to the knowledge and expertise that we have within the events sector and our understanding of the market. We offer a comprehensive, professional and dedicated support service throughout the hiring process and the event itself. Click here to read more about the process of hiring radios for events.

We appreciate that supplying for events is demanding, time-critical and often last minute. Our hiring department specialises in providing tailored equipment for events and has a dedicated team that works with our clients from initial enquiry through to project completion.

Hiring Radio Communications for Events

2CL will assign you a dedicated account manager to assist you with your project from the initial meetings, site visits, equipment specification and system design to budgets, radio coverage tests, Ofcom licensing and the implementation of a project plan through to the completion of your event.

As one of Motorola’s biggest portable radio resellers, we are also able to transfer our skills and knowledge from selling major systems to local authorities, banks, etc. into our hire department, with support for some of the largest systems, along with some of the more technically complex two-way radio networks in the UK and Europe.


Radio System Hire in the North

2CL have been working with The Great Run Company for many years and has developed the radio system for the Great North Run, providing reliable communications across the entire 13-mile course. The system uses three repeater sites linked over the internet using IP Site Connect Technology.

When radio users progress around the course, their radios seamlessly identify the best radio signal from one of the three repeater units and use that system. This traffic is then passed over the internet IP Site Connect linking and these messages are broadcast from all three repeater sites. This Roaming feature is essential to the operation of wide-area systems.

2CL’s ability to install and support these systems is a key component of the continued relationship between 2CL and The Great Run Company, with the radio systems provided to support the entire Great Run and Great Swim Series.

Radio System Hire for Festivals

As anyone who has been involved with Glastonbury will appreciate that the sheer scale of the event is something to behold. From the physical area the festival site occupies, to the number of people who attend, Glastonbury is the largest Greenfield Festival in the world. 2CL have been supporting the festival since 2005.

Glastonbury and its suppliers/contractors now hire approximately 3,500 radios a year from 2CL, using three separate Motorola Capacity Plus systems, around 10 additional standalone repeater systems, and a combination of digital and analogue radios. 2CL provides onsite assistance for the duration of the build and break as well as engineering support for the final stages and over the festival week itself.

To get in touch please call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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