2CL Two-Way Radio Hire

2CL Communications has built up a vast array of experience in the supply of two-way radio communications equipment since its inception in 1972.

Knowledge, expertise and a logical approach are combined to create what has become one of the UK’s leading radio hire companies, providing temporary radio event hire solutions for short-term, long-term and bespoke walkie-talkie hire.

Radio Hire for Buildings, Sites, Projects and Events

2CL’s radio hire department is extremely well-versed in catering for all manner of buildings, sites, projects and events whether its long term radio hire or short-term radio hire. Our two-way radio hire team works alongside our clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions, whether it is to hire out two portable radios for a week, or the provision of a complete bespoke radio system for five years or more.

After decades of providing communications for everything from peak season events to year-round projects, we at 2CL are proud of our roots and pride ourselves on delivering over and above our client’s expectations. The hiring department has gone from strength to strength and has enjoyed working alongside our clients in supportive roles, mutually benefiting from great teamwork and dedication to professionalism and service.

2CL’s radio hire department has established strong and ongoing relationships with some of the UK’s leading companies and events. Our commitment to helping make clients’ radio communications successful, no matter how big or small, has gained us long-lasting connections and partnerships.

Covering a long distance?

2CL Talk is a long-distance solution, perfect for fast and efficient real-time communications across large sites without the cost of infrastructure or licensing.

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