Immediate, reliable and cost-effective communication is becoming ever more important to today’s businesses in order to meet the demands of their customers. That’s why we supply an unlicensed range of business radios. Ready-to-use and license-free, these radios have a range of up to 10 kilometres (6.5 miles), enabling on-site communications with no call charges – the perfect answer for business users who need to stay in touch with colleagues.

Kirisun DP405S

This DP405S is a digital 446 radio that does not require a radio licence to operate. It is programmed with the 16 digital 446 radio channels.

A simple, stylish, cost-effective portable, offering both analogue and digital modes of operation for 446. Loud and clear audio and voice annunciation is offered in a compact size while safety is supported with programmable features such as emergency call and lone worker features.

Motorola CLR License Free Radio

The CLR is the small, lightweight and easy to use radio with push-to-talk (PTT) operation for communication in an instant. The CLR Series is your essential communication tool built to last all day, every day.
• 16 channels and 219 privacy codes
• Up to 18 hours of battery life
• Large selection of accessories
• Voice-guided navigation

Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme

The T82 Extreme is a tough, robust radio, offering users a weatherproof IPx4 rating. The new hidden display comes alive when you need it, making calling easier while the easy pairing button makes set-up simple. The radios come with included rechargeable NiMH batteries but standard AA alkaline batteries can also be used, offering great flexibility for longer adventures. Furthermore, high capacity batteries offering up to 26 hours battery life can also be purchased.

The radios come in a handy carry case and are available in three versions: Twin, Quad & RSM Remote Speaker Microphone packs.

Motorola Talkabout T82 Extreme

Motorola Talkabout T92 H20

Floating waterproof design, rugged construction and up to 10km range, the T92 H2O keeps you connected. The integrated torch has bright white and red modes and will automatically activate on contact with water. Press the emergency alert button to activate a hands-free call and sound a loud warning tone on your radio to signal to others in your group that you need help. Supplied with rechargeable batteries, mains charger with 2 micro USB plugs, belt clips with built-in whistle and a hard carry case, the T92 H2O has everything you need to stay connected during your wildest adventures.

Motorola TALKABOUT T92 H20

Hytera BD305LF

The BD305LF is a compact two-way radio that provides clear voice communication and a lightweight yet rugged and robust exterior. High-performance, long battery life and simple operation make it the ideal radio for everyday business communication.

  • Analogue and digital mode
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dual capacity direct mode
  • Excellent performance
  • Clear voice
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Anti-interference
  • Voice announcement
Hytera BD305LF 2CL communications

Motorola XT660D

The XT660d offers many great digital features to the license free market.

  • Full keypad & LCD display
  • 1.5W Audio Ouput
  • 128 Channels (4 zones X 32 channels)
  • Average Battery Life up to 20 hours with battery save on
  • Send text messages, create up to 50 pre-programmed messages, support for 126 characters
  • Record & play back audio with dedicated record button – record Rx/Tx transmission of digital channel, up to 15 mins
  • Call a single person or a group
  • Remote Personnel Monitoring – user master radio to ping unresponsive radios, discreetly activate radio mics from a dtsance to monitor workers, disable a radio is it goes missing & re-enable on the spot once found
Motorola XT660d two-way radio 2cl communications

Motorola CLP446

CLP combines comfort, durability and simplicity in a sleek design. Designed for the retail and hospitality markets, CLP446 operates on 8 channels with a choice of 219 codes for increased privacy and reduced interference. This palm-sized device redefines the traditional two-way radio by including only essential elements. An embedded antenna gives it a sleek shape. A large central push-to-talk button makes CLP easy to operate. And a variety of accessories offers multiple wearing options. CLP was designed with the user in mind, helping you communicate seamlessly and naturally in your business environment.

Digital Motorola CLP446 Radio

Motorola CLK446 Business Radio

Motorola Solutions’ CLK446 two-way radio is the simple, sleek device that clicks with your professional image and environment. Incredibly versatile, lightweight and comfortable to wear, it is unlike any portable radio you’ve used before.

The CLK446 radio operates without subscription or call charges on PMR446 unlicensed frequencies, offering 8 channels and 219 user selectable privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal.

Two-way business radio

Motorola XT400 Series

Empower your team with a faster way to communicate. The XT420/460 on-site two-way business radio helps you communicate instantly, without missing a beat. With crisp, clear audio throughout the workplace and exceptional durability, the XT420 delivers great performance even with hard use in high noise, harsh conditions, with the addition of the LCD screen, the XT460 offers a convenient channel indication.

The XT420/460 radio operates without subscription or call charges on PMR446 unlicensed frequencies, offering 8 channels and 219 user selectable privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal.

Digital Motorola XT400 Radios

Hytera TC320 446

TC-320 446 is unique for its compact and professional design, as well as its superb sound quality. Its strong casing prevents damage against drops of up to five feet and its high capacity battery provides over 9 hours of reliable operation. This radio enables businesses to enjoy dependable communications at an extremely low cost. It is the perfect solution for hotels, retail and schools.

Digital Hytera TC320 446

Hytera TC-446S

License-free Radio With TC-446S, you can enjoy charge-free communication easily. Light Weight and Tough Design TC-446S has a light-weight but exceptionally strong body, allowing it to be carried about easily and to survive harsh conditions. Longer Battery Life TC-446S is equipped with a 1650mAh battery that enables you to transmit and receive, up to 24 hours.

Digital Hytera TC 446S

Hytera PD505LF

Light and sleek, this radio is easy to use in analogue and digital modes. It has a compact size and is capable of reaching long communication distance which makes it ideal for a school or university campus. With all the benefits of digital and its user friendly design, yet affordable, PD505 is particularly suitable for a cost effective migration to digital.

Digital Hytera Middle Tier Radios