Motorola Chargers

Motorola’s IMPRES Line of charging accessories, coupled with relevant software such as IMPRES Fleet Management enables radio system administrators to manage user’s batteries remotely, and monitor systems for early signs of failures.

We can provide any option from simple, single unit, to multi-unit chargers with LCD displays, from travel chargers with in built lighters to IMPRES chargers that fit into vehicle cup holders.

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Carrying Solutions
In addition to Motorola’s extensive range of carrying accessories, with our network of third party suppliers, we can include such features as ‘Klick Fast’. With years’ of experience, genuine Motorola Carry Cases have been tried and tested in the field.

Carrying solutions have been designed to enable hands free operation and have been manufactured from top-grain leather. They are designed to withstand harsh and variable conditions, as well as prolonged use.

Cases are available in a variety of sizes to fit various radio and battery options, and developed so that audio can be clearly heard.

With a robust leather carry case and belt loop, the radio unit can be fixed to a belt, avoiding drops and thefts. In this configuration an audio accessory can be used for individuals who have to work long shifts, and to have their radio close at hand at all times.

Motorola Radio Charger Station

Motorola Batteries

The basic Motorola battery is a Nickel Metal Hydride 1400mAh battery, which will provide around 10 hours of use. The highest capacity battery uses Lithium Ion Technology and offers up to 27 hours of battery life.

Motorola have also developed their own battery management technology, called IMPRES, which can supply the user with a real time status update of the battery life and also improve prolonged battery life with intuitive reconditioning cycles. With IMPRES Fleet management tools, radio system administrators can monitor real time battery life and functional state of every battery, remotely, without the need to physically see the battery.

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Certain models of radio can also provide the option for a vibrating belt clip. When users need discreet operations, with high levels of functionality, the DP4000e series of radios give users silent notifications to the belt clip.

Motorola Radio Battery

Motorola Audio Accessories

Motorola’s audio accessories range including earpieces, headsets, remote speaker microphones, Bluetooth and alternative wireless solutions. Integration with specialist kit such as firefighter equiptment, is, as with all Motorola accessories possible.

The D-Type earpiece has a small PTT button with built in microphone that can be clipped to a collar. (PMLN5096B)

A more covert alternative is the acoustic tube style earpiece, which also has a small collar clipped PTT, available in various colours they are ideal for security radio users. (NNTN8459)

A remote speaker microphone is the perfect solution for users in loud environments, especially if users prefer not to wear an earpiece. This features a microphone/speaker combination that can be worn on lapels or pockets. They are a robust solution suitable for use in construction, petrochemical and mining industries. (PMNN4024A)

Tactical style headsets provide features such as bone and throat microphones. These are small, lightweight and discreet (PMLN5974A) or heavy duty, noise cancelling and robust (PMLN6852A).

There are multiple options available from 2CL. If you would like to discuss any of the above or have a specific issue that you need a bespoke solution for, please contact us.

Motorola Audio Accessories