This Month’s Product Spotlight: R-LinX

The R-LinX is a plug-and-play alarm handler and lone worker application, capable of sending alerts to your DMR two-way radio, smartphone, workstation and email.


The R-LinX alarm handler connects your two-way radio system to your fire alarm, intruder alarm, BMS, machine/technical alarms and call buttons, immediately relaying notifications to the response team in real time. The R-LinX will automatically follow your predetermined alarm strategy alerting your two-way radios, smart devices via SMS and email and terminal alerts via pop-up windows to workstation screens. The personal escalation response can raise the alarm silently allowing employees to check alarms for false triggers, avoiding unnecessary downtime and evacuation. The system can also be configured to raise pre-alerts to offer information that an alarm condition is approaching, allowing employees to respond before a critical situation.

Alternatively, the R-LinX can connect, control and monitor company access systems, open gates, barriers and doors by sending pre-set radio messages from your two-way radio. Furthermore, a Lone Worker alert system can be set up, automatically performing ‘alive checks’ at regular intervals. If the R-LinX receives no response during the allotted response time, an alert is raised.

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