If you are deciding whether to hire a two-way radio system to benefit your business operations – another thing to consider will be whether you need long-term radio hire, or hire for a shorter period. There are some key advantages to each choice, so, to help you decide, here’s some more information.  

Long-term Radio Hire

A two-way radio communications system that fully supports your business operation is hugely beneficial – as we all know, effective, reliable communication, and being able to connect and respond is vital to any operation. Whether your workplace is on land, at sea, remotely located or inconvenienced by network connections in any other way, hiring two-way radios for a long period of time can be an incredibly cost effective way of benefitting from the latest two-way radio communication technology, whilst receiving 24/7 call-out service and remote assistance, and no capital expenditure outlay.

Our wide range of professional two-way radios at 2CL work for a variety of operations, projects and businesses, with a high number of these requiring the hiring service on a longer term basis. The decision to hire short or long-term is usually based on the length of time needed for radio use.

Long-term Radio Hire Case Study – London EXCEL Exhibition

Our substantial experience of hiring two-way radio solutions for all types of businesses extends over many years – with each solution differing according to their specific needs, ranging from rugged and durable radios used for commercial maintenance, construction teams, to sleek, elegant radio solutions for reception and front-of-house customer-focused operations.

Having discovered they needed a bespoke solution for their acute needs, our client, the EXCEL Exhibition Centre in London, contacted us to assist with their internal communications. They required specialised radio solutions to provide coverage both over and underground, with over 250 Motorola radio in use. The system infrastructure also required Motorola MTR3000 Repeaters, with their advanced power output, combined with TRBOnet Radio Dispatcher Software enabling a more complicated antenna system to be successfully used – in order to reach all areas in the building.

At 2CL Communications, we provide the entire system for our client, as well as comprehensive support throughout the hire period, including site visits to investigate issues, 24/7 call-out service and remote assistance. We look forward to continuing our services, ensuring the EXCEL centre stays connected now and in the future.

Advantages of Long-term Radio Hire for Businesses

There are a whole host of reasons why long-term two-way radio hire can benefit your business. If you are undecided, here are just some of the advantages:

It’s flexible and cost effective

At 2CL, we will always take both your budget and timing requirements into consideration, and then will be able to advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective strategy for your needs. The main cost benefit to your business is our long-term hire solutions enable you to utilise an up to date, reliable, effective and fully supported two-way radio communications system with no capital expenditure outlay. Long-term contracts usually operate on a one, three or five-year plan, however, can be changed in light of any unique requirements, as hiring radios for a longer time period is often a convenient and economical way to manage operations, whilst providing security and stability through reliable communication streams.

Help is never far away

A good radio hire company will offer services such as 24/7 support, callout engineers and also remote access for technical issues to prevent and minimise any downtime. At 2CL, we are proud to offer these services, which work to streamline the overall process, enabling us to iron out any system issues ensuring your long-term radio hire system remains consistent.

Ready when you need a timely solution

Charged and ready to go, our radios arrive prepared, together with chargers and spare batteries for backup. A dedicated account manager will provide specialist aftersales support throughout your hire period. Replacement batteries are supplied at the end of years 2 and 4 for longer contracts to ensure operational performance of the radio’s supplied.

Other Two-Way Radio Benefits

There are a multitude of other benefits associated with hiring two-way radios, including safety, security, reliability and accessories to enhance your hiring experience. To read more about these, click here.

Long-term Radio Hire from 2CL Communications – Getting in Contact

At 2CL, we are proud to offer our industry-leading, award-winning radio hire and purchasing services for over 45 years. During this time, we have built a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables us to deliver an excellent level of customer service and, ultimately, results with our clients.

We are proud to operate one of the largest fleets of hire radios, supporting events such as the London Marathon and Glastonbury Festival, as well as many others who need a prolonged solution, with our long-term radio hire.

To get in contact, and see how hiring communication solutions from 2CL could benefit your business, call 0800 389 2278 or email hire@2cl.co.uk

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