Lone Worker Safety: Protect Your Lone Workers With Two-Way Radios

Sometimes, due to the nature of their profession people find themselves working alone, which opens them up to possible threats and risks. Keeping a lone worker safe with effective communication via reliable, secure two-way radios is vital. This is common in sectors and professions within security, facilities management, local authorities, warehousing and domestic jobs which require people to work unsociable hours, meaning they will have little contact throughout the duration of their shifts.

From an employer’s perspective, you may find yourself responsible should anything happen to a lone worker employee whilst at work. The best solution is to provide your employee’s with both the lone worker and ‘man-down’ two-way radio features to ensure employee safety and communication in any scenario.

Two-Way Radios Help Lone Worker Employee Safety

The lone worker system works by utilising the functionality of a two-way radio, programmed to enable the user to transmit a signal within a pre-set period. At first, this works by setting the initial transmission state, which can be anything from 5 to 80 minute reminder intervals, in the form of an alert. Of course, if the user makes a transmission within this period, the alert is reset to this time. This alert can be acknowledged by pressing a button, which will, in turn, reset it. The process is particularly effective, notifying management that the lone worker is okay.

If the radio remains unanswered – an emergency alert is given out in order to gain the attention of a person nearby – who is then able to locate the colleague in distress. This can work in conjunction with the ‘man-down’ feature, a tilt-switch inside the radio itself, which if turned for more than a pre-set period, will automatically send a distress signal to the control centre – where help can then be sent.

This ‘man-down’ feature is particularly effective for those carrying out high-risk jobs alone, such as working at height. To avoid false alarms, the radio will emit a warning signal to alert the user that an alarm is about to be sent.

Features of Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios enable clear, secure communication between people in all parts of the globe. This can be at work; either at sea, above or underground, in areas of low coverage, or at high density, like an event. These can be either analogue or digital – digital transmitting a clearer signal with multiple streams of communication engaged, whereas the more traditional analogue systems are generally simpler in their respective functionality.

Two-way radios are particularly popular due to the reliability, ease of use, adaptability and specialised functions – and play an integral part in the communication process in and around all sizes of sites, for both lone workers and workers in crowded areas.

At 2CL communications, we are able to offer these professional radios with the significant features intended for lone workers and the ‘Man-Down’ function. To find out more, view our product range here.

About 2CL Communications

2CL Communications are pleased to offer a complete product range of two-way radios for purchase and hire, depending on the business’ individual needs, whether it be to design a fully functioning communication network, or the delivery and installation of our wide range of outstanding products, ensuring complete compatibility with the site and the service expected.

With over 40 years experience in the communications industry, our service is industry leading, professional and completely flexible. Our technicians’ unparalleled service has earned a multitude of awards for outstanding supply, quality of service and attentive aftercare procedure.

If you have any questions – or would like to find out a little more about how services from 2CL can help to ensure the safety of your workforce and keep them connected – you can get in contact on 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk

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