POC Radio – eliminate distance restrictions of traditional two-way radios

The integration of digital technology to the two-way radio sector has paved the way for significant innovation, resulting in greater coverage, enhanced hardware, features and functionality. Teams can now communicate more clearly, over far greater distances and to more people than ever before. Individuals can now even convert their smart phone or tablet into a push-to-talk device with POC radio.


Transform your mobile device into a two-way radio

Rather than investing in extra hardware for your team (plus all the maintenance and replacement costs that this can entail), you can transform an existing smart device into a two-way radio via an app. So now you can easily connect your entire mobile workforce very cost effectively, with Push to Talk Over Cellular.


Push-To-Talk calls over cellular networks (POC)

As well as having the benefits of numerous functions including location tracking, text messaging, prioritising emergency calls and lone worker monitoring, digital two-way radio users can also place Push-To-Talk (PTT) calls to others through cellular and Wi-Fi networks (POC) in a similar way to using a traditional two-way radio. One-to-many communications can happen at the push of a button as opposed to placing multiple calls when using a standard mobile telephone, vital in emergency situations.

Greatly increased coverage is also offered by utilising the cellular networks and POC users can now communicate across Europe. Users of POC radio can also do more than just talk, you can track and share location, share texts, alerts, photos, videos, voice messages and documents

Push to Talk Over Celluar Networks


Gateway – connecting both traditional two-way radios and a POC system together

It is not unusual for organisations to identify a requirement that may benefit from either traditional two-way radio or a POC radio system, but on some occasions both technologies may be required. Cellular network coverage within buildings may be intermittent or unreliable and, in this instance, a traditional two-way radio system would be far more suitable, however, the coverage provided by a dedicated two-way radio system may not extend far enough for remote workers such as Field Service Engineers.

2CL Communications can help deploy a hybrid system consisting of both a dedicated two-way radio system and POC devices. The two solutions can be interconnected using a ‘gateway’ that provides the physical link between the two technologies. The ‘gateway’ routes communications from one platform to the other providing seamless integration and a converged system.

There are a number of ‘gateways’ in the marketplace that provide this functionality and 2CL Communications will specify the ideal solution based upon the client’s overall requirement.


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