Whether you’re looking to invest in a new radio system or to support an existing system, 2CL Communications have partnered with all of the leading professional radio communications providers, including Hytera, to give you advice on purchasing or hiring two-way radios.

Hytera Radios

Available for purchase in analogue and digital (DMR), Hytera is known for their quality, reliability, feature rich handsets and systems.

From 2CL, digital two-way radios (DMR) are available in three “tiers” – loosely translated as levels of complexity. Low tier is cost effective entry level range, middle tier is the versatile professional range, while the high tier is feature rich digital, including trunking, meaning that frequencies and channel capacity can be pooled and shared between users.

Also available for purchase are analogue radios, which are simple, one-to-one, or one-to-group communication that keeps your business running smoothly.

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Features of Hytera Digital Radios

Hytera provides some of the world’s most advanced digital systems. They have a variety of different features, ranging from the dual mode, noise cancellation, text messaging, versatile voice calls and safety enabled features.

From the Hytera PD355 right up to the Hytera PD985, 2CL offer DMR radios that are built for real-world businesses – and designed for the teams who will be using them. They often require minimal training and are intuitive to use.

Digital Hytera Middle Radio

The Advantages of Hytera Digital Radios

Hytera two-way radios are used in a wide range of different sectors, from healthcare and education to local government and military, enabling effective communication at all times.

In any business or sector, a quick response is key, which is why Hytera is a strong choice when you are looking for a reliable, durable two-way radio.

Below, we have highlighted some of the main advantages to two-way radios:


It’s all about the communication. Two-way radios can improve your business communications by opening up a network for different departments and teams to be able to communicate. This encourages responsiveness, productivity and conversation across the business.


With two-way radios, you can manage your business in a significantly more organised way. People can give clear, precise instructions via their radio and keep things running smoothly. Without radios, it’s difficult to manage large teams and ensure everything runs on schedule.

They are also useful for getting teams to learn how to work together properly and achieve great things. They will help to strengthen the relationships of many of your employees as they learn to communicate properly via their radio.


Employee safety is essential when working in any industry; two-way radio systems can provide effective means of Lone Worker and Man Down monitoring. Public services and government organisations such as the military and hospitals rely on radios in emergency situations. They are used to send for help and call backup when assistance is needed, and in many cases can save lives.

We have worked closely with G4S nationwide to provide radio solutions big and small from basic to more complex systems. This has been made achievable due to 2CL’s extensive Hytera models.

Purchasing Hytera Radios from 2CL

2CL Communications offer bespoke solutions for industry and commerce for improved productivity and enhanced collaboration. We are committed to providing outstanding service and support for our customers’ peace of mind.

To get in contact with 2CL and find out how purchasing radios could benefit your business, call 0800 389 2278 or email contact@2cl.co.uk.

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