Communication is a key aspect when organising an event and 2CL is the chosen supplier for many events due to our knowledge and understanding of the events industry. 2CL can offer an event radio hire service that includes a wide range of specialised equipment, in addition to a comprehensive, professional and dedicated support service throughout the hiring process and the event itself.

For over 45 years, 2CL communications have been successfully supplying the events industry in the UK and Europe with two-way radio systems, based on their acute needs for a range of different market sectors.

Event Radio Hire at 2CL

Our fully flexible two-way radio hire solutions have been designed around customer requirements. A dedicated account manager will be able to organise all the necessities and implementation plans, as well as tests and Ofcom licensing. Together with our extensive stock range and skills honed over many years, this enables us to design bespoke solutions for your event. Events we currently work with and have done for many years include:

Events we currently work with and have done for many years include:

All these events mentioned above required a carefully planned strategy to ensure key personnel remain in contact with densely populated events. This is because mobile signals are often limited by location and dense crowds, and, with the likelihood of unexpected changes to schedules – we understand how important it is to have a suitable and reliable source of communication in place.

With a wide range of radios available for hire – we are highly experienced and well placed to supply and support your event communication as well as circumvent any pitfalls you may experience when preparing.

The Radio Hire Process – How it Works at 2CL

When considering hiring two-way radios for an event, it’s important to be aware of the logistics involved with the setup and all associated technical considerations such as weather and the overall structure of your site.

At 2CL, our event radio hire process will always include a professional technical setup, providing a comprehensive service that circumvents any logistical hold-ups, ensuring your event runs smoothly.

Here is a standard guideline of the process we provide for event radio hire, from initial inquiry to the event’s conclusion:

1. Initial Coverage Check

First things first, our highly skilled accredited engineers will visit your confirmed event site, assessing the quality and strength of your signal along with identifying any potential problem areas which could require some additional infrastructure or equipment.

2. Choosing Your Two-Way Radio

At 2CL, our extensive range of radios cater to a wide range of specialist solutions, and in order to ensure your radios are fulfilling your communication needs during the rental period, establishing the right product is a crucial part of our process. One size does not fit all, that’s why we offer a wide range of Motorola and Hytera two-way radios for hire.

3. Frequency Configuration

During the hire period, we will manage not only your radio frequencies – but also all other frequencies on your site if required, to avoid cross-channel interference, ensuring reliability and security when it comes to your frequency use.

4. Installation

As your event draws closer, 2CL will handle the setup process, including labelling your devices, setting up a logging/scanning system and configuring all systems to ensure maximum capability for your desired needs.

5. Site Management and Support

Our support commitment for your event will depend upon the nature of your equipment usage. For complex and task critical events, our service engineers are more than happy to stay on standby should anything unexpected happen, or remain on-site for the duration of the event. – helping and support throughout.

2CL are also able to provide staff to assist with handling and allocation or radios throughout the day if needed.

A Wide Range of Event Radios for Hire at 2CL Communications

When hiring any specialised radio equipment, it’s imperative to select the most capable option for your individual needs. At 2CL, we carry a wide variety of equipment that can suit some event types more than others. To view our range of event radios for hire, click here.

If you’re not sure which radio be a good match for your event, our team are highly experienced and will be able to advise.

For example, since 2005, 2CL have hired over 3000 radios to Glastonbury Festival each year with on-site engineering support for the largest greenfield festival in the world. Due to the unique site location, Glastonbury uses Motorola Capacity Plus, as well as standalone digital and analogue repeater systems. We also provided ongoing assistance before, during and after the festival, keeping everyone connected.

We also like to maintain a flow of communication here and would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about event radio hire. You can call us on 0800 389 2278 or alternatively email

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