How 2CL keep Govia Thameslink Railway connected


Background & history:

Govia was formed in 1996 as a joint venture between the Go-Ahead group and Keolis, in order to bid for the rail franchises during the privatisation of British Rail.  Govia runs 2 major rail franchises Govia Thameslink Railway and Southeastern. GoviaThameslink Railway (GTR) is the largest Train Operating Company (TOC) in the UK. GTR Operates the Southern, Gatwick Express, Thameslink and Great Northern rail franchise in England. 2CL Communications have a long-standing working relationship dating back over 20 years before the formation of GTR, supplying radio communication to Southern Railway.


Why did Govia Thameslink Railway choose 2CL to be their main supplier?

East Croydon Station originally had licence free radios from another supplier, and 2CL were called in to review the station’s communication requirements. It was apparent that these did not fit the needs of the station, so after carrying out a site survey and discussing what the exact requirements were, 2CL upgraded the radios to CP040s. This ensured communications were more effective for staff to use. All the radios 2CL supply to Southern and subsequently GTR are analogue. It is a very simple system, meaning it can be easily operated on a daily basis and in an emergency.

After proving that we could work to the required standard, 2CL discussed with Southern Railway the various challenges they were facing with their communications, and 2CL presented several solutions to solve these issues and improve operational efficiency. 2CL were referred on to review and help at other stations across the network. After building a good relationship with GTR, offering different solutions and good quality service, 2CL have now become the first point of call when any issues arise. 2CL now supply radios in all of GTR’s major stations.

Gatwick Airport Station is one of the busiest rail-to-airport hubs in Europe, and 2CL Communications replaced the whole redundant system with new Motorola equipment.


2CL Communications, not just a one stop shop!

Over the years many situations have arisen where 2CL Communications have been able to give well-organised solutions in a timely manner. We will always find a way around any problems our clients may have. For example, Victoria Station didn’t have any radios because it was a challenge to obtain permission to use any radio system because there was not a code of conduct policy in place. This resulted in alternative suppliers being reluctant to get involved. 2CL assisted in the formatting of the radio policy for Victoria Station and London Bridge, and 2CL were granted permission to go ahead with the installation of the radio system.


Other services provided to GTR

Many of the sites use radio voice recordings to enhance the effectiveness of communication, this helps with managing safety critical communication competencies and with incident investigations. 2CL not only have systems at GTR’s stations, 2CL also have systems on long-term hire to all of GTR’s train care depots and yards. Sometimes clients opt to hire rather than purchase and 2CL like to be flexible with clients’ needs and therefore are proud to offer that service as well.