If you are thinking about hiring or purchasing radios for your business – you may also need to become an authorised user, by way of a business radio license. This will ultimately depend upon the type of radio and the unique circumstances at the time. To make things simpler, here’s a quick guide as to what license you’ll need, where you’ll get it from and how much this will cost.

About Radio Licenses

To operate a two-way business radio legally – you will need to obtain a business radio license. This is issued by the government agency Ofcom. This will permit you to license a frequency – which will be allocated on an individual basis, and programmed in by an official radio supplier.

Applying for the license itself is a fairly straightforward process – you will have the choice to either qualify for a simple UK license, a suppliers license, a technically assigned or an area defined license.

A Simple UK License

Simple UK licenses will enable you to use a portable radio equipment anywhere in the United Kingdom. You will be allowed to choose the frequency from 15 different options across four frequency bands. This will cost £75 and lasts up to five years.

A Supplier’s License

Supplier’s licenses permit you to service and repair marine or radio equipment – hire this out to customers and demonstrate usage among other benefits. This is the type of license that we at 2CL Communications have to have in order to do business.

Technically Assigned Licenses

Technically assigned licenses authorise the user to use a variety of radio communication equipment, across a large range of frequencies, ensuring they are able to cover remote and crowded areas. These licenses are more reliable if the nature of your work depends upon reliable communication, and can often be a bit more costly at £75 – £1480 for a single channel assignment.

An Area Defined License

Area defined licenses define a specific 50km2 grid square, a county or indeed the entire United Kingdom if needed. The fee for these licenses will depend on the area covered and the frequency needed for the specific operation.

Applying for a Radio License

The initial process of applying for a license is simple and easy – however, once successfully applied for, this may take a while to become accepted. In the meantime, it is perfectly acceptable for your two-way radio provider to allocate radios to you for up to three months. This is more commonly known as ‘parking’.

For simple UK licenses, you can apply via the online licensing system on the Ofcom website, here.

For technically assigned and area defined licenses – you must fill in an online application form from Ofcom.

Ofcom Management from 2CL Communications

At 2CL, we recognise the importance and legality associated with holding a valid radio license. That’s why we are perfectly placed to offer assistance during your application, until complete. Following this, we are also well placed to manage your Ofcom business radio license on your behalf – so you can relax in the assurance that your radio usage is legal and effectively managed – leaving you with more time for your business priorities.

With Ofcom license management, the license does remain in your businesses name – but allows 2CL to monitor and maintain your account as a third party member. This means that notices will be sent to both yourself and the team at 2CL, who will be able to check the status of your account and ensure your license is up to date with any associated costs, queries and details. This is managed centrally on your behalf.

About 2CL Communications – Getting in Contact

To find out more about how 2CL Communications can help you both obtain and maintain a valid, legal radio license, and for high-end equipment for hire and purchase, simply get in contact. With over 40 years industry experience and a wide range of comprehensive solutions to suit many differing needs, please contact us to find out how we can assist your business communications by filling in a short form here, or alternatively email contact@2cl.co.uk.

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