Do you place an emphasis on safety in your business? If you find that ensuring safety standards are high in order to protect yourself, your workforce and the environment around you, whilst still staying connected, using one of our ATEX two-way radios could be the answer.

The ATEX radio indicates the radio is built to withstand explosive atmospheres, such as mines and other hazardous areas. When working in these sensitive environments, often exposed to oil and gas, any device or action that emits sparks or heat could cause a dangerous chemical reaction. This is why ATEX radios are particularly popular with the process and petrochemical industries, in addition to refineries on oil rigs.

History of ATEX Radios

In 2003, the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC was introduced by the European Union, with the aim of ensuring systems and equipment were safe to use, including two-way radios – when faced with unbalanced atmospheres. 

DP4401ex & DP4801ex Atex Two-Way Radios


Knowing this, the ATEX radio was produced and manufactured to stringent requirements and standards in order to protect against the risk of generating sparks from the device. Safety is of the utmost importance for the ATEX radio; everything from the batteries to the casing has been tested under strict conditions, in addition to the radios operating at a lower output power.

Why Choose an ATEX Two-Way Radio – The Features

Further features of ATEX two-way radios are their compliance to IP67 ratings, completely protecting them from dust and making the design waterproof.

To determine an ATEX two-way radio from a normal radio, the ATEX are coloured blue and marked with an EX symbol, indicating the ATEX certification.

Classifications of the ATEX radio equipment are divided into two groups, group I and group II: Group I are generally used for mining or any other environments that could be exposed to methane gas. Group II are used for situations that require more protection against factors including potentially explosive environments down mines. These can then be further divided into three separate subgroups:

All of these ATEX radios are ‘explosion proof’, meaning they have outstanding protection against all dust groups and temperatures up to 135°C and are waterproof – including vapour and mist proof.

Hiring an ATEX Two-Way Radio from 2CL Communications

Staying connected at work when under pressure, especially if your job involves potential risk from explosives, is a crucial element of success, which could also be life-saving. Knowing you can rely on your communication device will offer the peace of mind you require – allowing you to safely carry out duties.

At 2CL Communications, we are proud to have hired and sold ATEX two-way radios for a number of years, providing our bespoke services and support, ensuring your business is compliant with EU safety regulations.

To find out more about our extensive range of ATEX Two-way radios, including brands such as Motorola, Hytera and ICOM, please click here. To get in touch, please call 0800 389 2278 or email

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