A guide to choosing the right digital two-way radio accessories

When it comes to digital two-way radio communication, every industry has very different requirements. Construction workers typically need noise-cancelling headsets. Security teams need high-capacity batteries for long shifts. Petrochemical workers need ATEX approved accessories.

Clearly, it’s not enough to just purchase a two-way radio. To get the most out of it, businesses need to consider worker needs and enhance the functionality and capability of their radios with two-way radio accessories.

In this blog, we’ll highlight just a few of the accessories available for particular industries and how they help workers in those industries to carry out their jobs.


Digital two-way radio accessories for construction environments

In construction environments – where employees must contend with noise, carry around materials and work around dangerous machinery – the durability, ease-of-use and audio clarity of two-way radio communication solutions are vital.

Two-way radios can be equipped with a variety of accessories to address these requirements, so what should you look out for?

With drills, cranes, bulldozers and other machinery in operation, communicating over the noise can be a major challenge.

Heavy-duty, noise-cancelling headsets, such as the Motorola Solutions PMLN6852, are invaluable. These headsets will mute external noises, protect the user’s ears and amplify incoming and outgoing voice transmissions.

If users don’t want to wear an earpiece, they can use a remote speaker and microphone combination, such as the Motorola Solutions PMMN4067.

Workers operating dangerous equipment cannot and should not reach for their two-way radio to communicate. Doing so can compromise the health and safety of others and themselves.

To allow workers to communicate while using machinery, consider investing in a hands-free or voice-activated solution.

Voice-activated headsets, such as the Motorola Solutions VH-190, require no input from the user. These headsets use Voice Operated Transmission, allowing hands-free operation. Workers can communicate whilst using complex equipment and without removing the two-way radio from its holster.

Carrying solutions for two-way radios are essential as they will protect the radio from falls (and other workers), theft and other environmental damage. Also, a securely stored radio and hands-free accessories ensure communication is both safer and more efficient.

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Discreet, reliable and easy-to-use digital two-way radio accessories for security teams

Mobility. Ease-of-use. Discreetness. Major two-way radio challenges for security teams; so what accessories can help with lightweight, discreet and long-lasting communication?

From information sensitivity to panic avoidance, discrete communication is key. Rather than pulling out a two-way radio, connect high-quality and rugged Motorola Solutions in-ear headphones. Some have a push-to-talk (PTT) button with a sensitive, built-in microphone that can be clipped to a collar or lapel, whilst others use voice-activated transmission for hands-free communication.

These small, lightweight and unobtrusive in-ear devices are perfect for security teams that need to keep communication private whilst maintaining mobility and alertness. They can also be used in conjunction with Motorola Solutions IMPRES audio accessories to reduce ambient noise, amplify loudness and improve voice detection.

Long-lasting batteries are essential for security personnel’s constant communication throughout the day and on the move.  Motorola Solutions’ highest capacity batteries – IMPRES 2 – use Lithium-ion Technology to offer superior battery capacity without an increase in battery size, battery management technology to provide real-time life status updates and intuitive reconditioning to streamline battery maintenance.

By combining IMPRES-enabled batteries with Motorola Solutions’ IMPRES Fleet Management solution, radio system administrators can monitor a user’s battery remotely. This will help security teams to coordinate battery replacement cycles without compromising security.

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Radio accessories for petrochemical and mining environments

An additional requirement for two-way radios and accessories for petrochemical and mining industries is ATEX approval. Ensuring equipment is certified for use in explosive/potentially explosive and dusty environments is key given the risk of spark or heat generated by a device causing an explosion, jeopardising worker health and safety.

Some accessories to consider are:

ATEX heavy-duty, noise-cancelling headsets are designed to work flawlessly in explosive environments, protect the wearer from loud noises and filter out ambient noise to ensure clear communication. These headsets come equipped with a boom microphone and the volume level can be adjusted so that the user can be alert to ambient sounds, equipment and warning signals in the area. Some headsets can be attached to helmets for maximum functionality and comfort.

As in construction environments, workers in petrochemical and mining operations routinely handle dangerous equipment. If these employees need to communicate while operating machinery, rather than reach for their radio (putting themselves and others at risk), they can instead use an ATEX-approved, hands-free voice activated solution. This will allow them to continue with their task and communicate at the same time.

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How can we help you?

As two-way radio experts, we can help with the deployment and installation of two-way radios and offer a range of two-way radio accessories.

No matter your operational requirements, we will work together to devise a bespoke communications solution and strategy for implementation.

We provide complete after sales support and as our engineers are health and safety accredited, they can provide field service and on-site support as and when you need it.

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