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How 2CL Communications can help you


Two-way radios are an incredibly useful tool for teams coordinating relief efforts and keeping essential services running.

2CL Communications are dedicated to delivering our usual high quality of service, especially during these challenging times when communication is more important than ever.

We are still available to support you in your communication needs, and have a range of products to assist teams of any size – from simple back-to-back communications to 4G radios that will keep you in touch with your team no matter where they are in the country. We can also provide temperature screening solutions and cleaning agents.

2CL are already offering help to military support teams and are on hand to assist other critical services who are under extra stress, such as Hospitals, Local Authorities, Logistics & Distribution, Security companies and Supermarkets.



  • Communicate safely with staff working in isolation areas.
  • Manage incidents and emergencies as they happen.




Logistics & Distribution

  • In-vehicle mobile radios allow delivery drivers to stay connected.
  • Use 4G and LTE products to keep drivers in touch with depots wherever they are in the country.


Local Authorities

  • Keep essential services running even with a reduced workforce.
  • Organise additional relief efforts to protect your constituents.




Don’t forget to clean and disinfect your equipment regularly. See detailed guidelines for cleaning Motorola and Hytera products. Rest assured that all equipment you receive from us has been thoroughly disinfected before being dispatched.


Servicing & Maintenance

We are still able to repair and service equipment, with some minor changes to ensure your safety and ours.

We can…

Whilst the threat of infection from the coronavirus persists, we cannot visit site to test or reprogram handheld or mobile radios that are in frequent use. This is due to the potential risk of infection from the coronavirus in the microphone and speaker grill. If, however you send your radios to us for reprogramming or repair, we will perform this once the equipment comes out of the quarantine period (48 hours).

Please be aware we are limited on travel to certain areas of the country due to hotels and airlines not being in operation, but we will endeavour to fulfil all reasonable requests for service where possible.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. We will always strive to find a solution for key workers and those supporting essential services.


What are we doing to protect our staff?

2CL Communications are adhering to the government’s current guidelines and advice. All staff who are able to, are working from home. Staff who cannot work remotely are practicing social distancing, abiding by safe working practices, wearing the necessary protective equipment and regularly washing their hands.

Staff are still contactable via their mobile numbers and email addresses if you have them or we can be reached via our main telephone number – 02380 648 500 – or at contact@2cl.co.uk.