As current energy prices across the UK spiral out of control, businesses of all sizes struggle to absorb these additional costs, often leading to increased prices for their end users.

Rather than looking for ways to simply minimise these additional energy costs and the impact they have on our customers, 2CL took a far more, long-term and environmentally friendly approach, with a sizeable investment into a solar PV array.
Advice was taken from several local solar installation specialists, with Empower Energy Ltd. being our supplier and fitter of choice due to their company ethos and the quality of the products they quoted us for.
Empower fitting our new solar array
A design and proposal were agreed upon that maximised our commercial roof space to give us a 44KW system comprising of 94 JinkoSolar panels, 47 SolarEdge optimisers and a SolarEdge inverter.

Fitting was straightforward and caused no disruptions over the two days it took their team. Final checks were made and with the power switch flicked on, 2CL’s energy overheads were reduced drastically, along with our carbon footprint, a great double win for the company and for our customers who rely on us to not only supply their two-way radios, but to do so at the same great rates they are accustomed to.



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